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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Prestented as a Public Service
The Panini Files

As you know, the official Curmudgeonly & Skeptical panini grill is the Cuisinart George Foreman Panini Griddler.  Since I received it last Christmas, it has been used approximately  1211 times.  How has it held up?  Pretty good, but could be better.  There's a little screw on the side that keeps the grill from opening too far, and that got loose and fell off after about two months.  Since ½ of it was unaccessible inside the machine, and it still worked, I said the hell with it.  What that did though, was cause wires to the upper heating element wire to get yanked every time the lid was placed in open grill position.

Sometime about June, the upper griddle quit working.  I unscrewed the upper plate (about 15 Phillips screws) and saw immediately that a contact wire had pulled loose.  I shoved it back into the clip, and Voila!  Yesterday it happened again, but this time I soldered the damn thing.  Ought to be good for another 1200 meals.

BTW,  another key to maintaining a working Cuisinart George Foreman Panini Griddler is keeping Mother Superior from throwing the grill plates in the dishwasher (she did get me twice).  That keeps the non-stock surface active, and what more could you ask for.?
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Gayle Miller
I have a Russel Hobbs panini cooker. Iuse it all the time for 3 years no problems.

The Russel Hobbs I know is a communist front, besides do you use it 3-5 time a day? Don't fuck with the Official Panini.

Being a cheap bastard, I have a cast iron griddle (flat on one side/ridged on the other for the appealing griddle marks) and I have a large cast iron dutch oven. When I do panninninni (sp?), I heat the griddle and oven on the stove top. When good and hot I put the sammich on the griddle, then the oven on top to weight it down and cook. Since the cast iron stays hot about 57 minutes after removing from the heat, it comes out great.

That works .... USA USA

How can you solder wires to a grill? Won't the heat from the grill melt the solder?

The wires are not in contact with the heating elements, were that the case the cloth sheathing you see would be charred, if not burned to a crisp. Anyway, we'll soon see.

Uh, that "cloth" is fibber-glass and doesn't burn very well.

You may be looking at silver-solder or retirement.

Had the wire pull out of one of the spade clips for my stove's oven. Got a new high temperature clip at appliance store for a buck and crimped it on. Regular solder probably won't hold.

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