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Thursday, May 26, 2005

WTF? Throw the bums out!
I was thinking.  Umpires are a necessary part of baseball, and their duties are well defined. They decide whether each unswung upon pitch is a ball, or a strike.  The umpire's authority is absolute in this area.  Four balls and the batter walks to first base. Not 3 balls, not 5 balls; four.   Three strikes, and the batter is out.  Not 2 strikes, not 4; three. So, umpires have the power to enforce baseball's rules, but not change them.  Ever.

Judges are umpires.  Too many of them have decided that they can change the rules willy-nilly, and when they do that, they disturb the balance and harmony of the game.  How they get away with doing that is a great mystery, because nowhere are they given that right.  We, the people of these United States have the power to govern ourselves by electing legislators, and an executive, who will govern according to our wishes.  Black robes who think they can usurp that power, and send us into de facto dictatorial servitude, need to be removed.   If our elected representatives refuse to honor their sworn oath, and restore balance, they too ought to be removed.  There is no room for equivocation.  Whatever it takes. 

Seems pretty simple to me.  What have I missed?
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Rodger, seems pretty straight forward to me! Exactly where and when did we lose control?

I'm going with The Warren Court.

Actually, it was the 1083 Marbury v. Madison case where Chief Justice Marshall (writing for the majority) created the power of judicial review for the Supreme Court. Note that this power is not enumerated in the Constitution.

Hmmm 1083 was the Battle of Hastings? No .. wait.

Just kidding. I agree, That's why Marshall made this list of the
Worst Ten People in American History

You missed the common law and checks and balances, and the fact that you sure as hell better not leave it up to the clowns in Congress to determine whether what they want to do is permitted by the Constitution.

The problem is that if you take a butthole and send it to law school, you get an educated butthole. But still a butthole.

" sure as hell better not leave it up to the clowns in Congress to determine whether what they want to do is permitted by the Constitution."

At least they are elected clowns in congress and can be unelected. That's the beauty of our system as it was constituted.

"At least they are elected clowns in congress and can be unelected. "

Have you seen the re-election rates the CATO Institute has been complaining about lately? "Unelected" does not appear to be in the American Dictionary anymore....

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