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Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I meant was ...
I'm not sure I'm emotionally capable of  playing politics anymore.  I found myself at morning mass (at morning mass!), praying that  I would discover, upon leaving, that every democrat in congress, their staff, and about half the GOP caucus had been dragged  to the Mall, where a six strand noose was affixed about their necks, bitter ends attached to a Sikorsky H-21, which then jumped off the ground, snapping about 2000 necks in a heartbeat.  With mid air refueling, the Flying Banana would zip around the country non-stop, its grisly cargo twisting and spinning, and crowds everywhere would assemble and yell Huzzah!

I closed my eyes, in prayer,  and willed it to be so.  Hatred is a terrible disease.

There has been good stuff as the day went on.  First, the remarkably poignant comments many of you made.  Old timers like SondraK, Annoyed One, Jake et. al, have seen me do this before.  I am always serious.  I always come back after a day, a week, or a few months.  I am almost certainly one of those destructively addicted bloggers the paper in New York wrote about yesterday.  Some time ago, in fact, I opined that every blogger who posted more than 200 words a day was on Prozac, or ought to be. 

The other heartening thing was watching a report on Brit Hume tonight, about organizing to deny Sen. Lieberman's reelection.  The number "50,000 members" was tossed about.  Holy crap!  Here is the antidote to the poisonous atmosphere we have been breathing since George Soros bankrolled these little fascist hate mongering Deaniacs.  50,000 NRA members should meet the 50,000 Moveon slugs in the desert.  We'll  shoot it out until one side has lost every member.  The thought cheers me immensely.  Maybe John Stewart will cover it live for The Daily Show?  OMFG!!!  Dibs!

So there's the conundrum.  Hatred for those who undermine the country affects my health, but  standing by and doing nothing makes me even sicker. I  fought alongside Teddy Roosevelt in San Juan, I fought the Kaiser (had sex with Mata Hari, but told her nothing),  fought Hitler,  fought the rat bastard commies in Korea, and Viet Nam, and by Gar I'll fight these filthy Democrat traitors here at home.  USA USA USA

 I'll respond to comments  a bit.later.   It's time for my red pill, and brown sauce.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
You go Big Daddy!

There you are, Mr. Curmudgeonly. You still have a bit of humor left in your cluttered soul. Smile some a little longer. ;-)
When we were in Nevada last month I had a similar experience when I made a 9 day break from internet, politics, news and blogs. Suddenly my life hit me flat in the face and I emptied out tears I didn't know I had. I returned home with the resolve to stop reading news and blogs (because they mostly ate my soul before breakfast).

And yet, here am I still checking in for my daily dose of C & S. So, if you do take a break, breath deeply of fresh air and release your soul a spell from the plague of politics. joyce

Roger, Here is important medical information that may change your mind about blogging.

"Interaction With Dolphins May Be Beneficial in Mild to Moderate Depression"

Your goverment money at work.

That's the spirit.

Damn, I forgot what you were writing about because I was so surprised that someone besides me knew what an H-21 "flying banana" was.

I grew up outside Ft. Rucker, Alabama back in the 1960's and my dad, an Army test pilot, worked on the development of the H-21's replacement, the CH-47 Chinook.

If you like old helicopters, you need to stop by the US Army Aviation Museam at Ft. Rucker.

They've got a H-21, the only remaining Lockheed Cheyanne "Compound Helicopter," and a Chinook with small wings... along with alot of other goofy stuff that flew but was never put into production.

Keep up the good photo blogging!

I flew the fearsome H-23 at Camp Wolters, and yes I do love them old copters.

It's a good thing I'm also a practicing gyno, Jake, so I could fill out the 15 pages to register with MedScape.

Anyway, I do have experience eating dolphins, but it didn't help.

Nill Illigitimi Carborundum!!!

"Hatred for those who undermine the country affects my health, but standing by and doing nothing makes me even sicker."

A-fucking-men to that.

I have to periodically "disconnect" from all media in order to preserve what sanity of mine that remains. Hearing the bullshit fly prior to the 2004 election was making me physically ill. Within a day of full media abstention (blogs, talk radio, network news--just kidding; I never watch that crap), I felt much better.

But, I just gotta keep coming back for more. I guess I'm a kind of masochist that way.

Taking the MooreOns seriously will make us all ill! You, my dear Herr Schlong, taught me that ridicule and mockery are our strongest weapons in this propaganda war! And thus we soldier on; keeping forefront in mind, If ya ain't giggling - yer doin' it wrong.

[Big Sloppy Hugs and fond memories of hitting the KisP showers]

OMG Claire moved!

"50,000 NRA members should meet the 50,000 Moveon slugs in the desert. We'll shoot it out until one side has lost every member."

I'm in.

Now what to pack? The 03A3? Nah, it would be wasted on them. The French MAS 49/56, perfect, underused and ironic at once!

I assumed you were serious about quitting. If Airman 1st Class Vanessa Dobos shows up on your stoop, look out, I told her to kick you in the balls. Sorry.

We adopted Vanessa, and she sleeps in the guest bedroom.

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