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Saturday, December 17, 2005

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In late November and December we buy Florida oranges from the Lions Club by the bushel, so we eat lots of oranges.  This year I decided to save the peels and candy them for a Christmas treat.  To keep them from drying out, I put them in a jar of water, and then said what the hell, and added a scoop of sugar.  I didn't know what to expect, but one day when I took the cap off it whooshed, so I then used cheese cloth secured by the mason jar lid.  

In the past I made coffee liquor with instant coffee, sugar and vodka, so I figured later on I'd add the vodka and have enough to give out.  Today I tasted it.  Holy crap!   It had a real kick.  The first jar, about a month old now, was kind of smooth  -- compared to the second, just a few weeks old.  Does anyone have experience with this?  Is there a way to finish it off?  I can't give it away for fear it'll keep fermenting and blow up.  Damn, it is good though. 
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Ask Claire....she's the expert. STG. She'll know.

Thanks, I did.

So what did she say? Don't keep us in suspense!

Try putting those orange peels in vodka for a month. Then strain and mix with soda...or not.


This is a homemade liquor making link:

I made the Highland Liquor (Drambuie). I can't tell if it tastes like the real thing since I haven't actually purchased the real thing in about 8 years, but whatever the hell I made is damn good. I keep going out to buy the base ingredients (vodka, gin, rum) for other liquors, but they don't last my drinking binges for me to make anything else.

Sounds like an orange version of Limoncello. There's a recipe at the link--it's one of those "recipes for complete beginners", so should be easy to do.

On the other hand I'm sure PBR is on sale, so if you mess up no big whoop. Mmm. PBR....

Good recipe, but I don't want to add any booze. It is booze.

oygeeze -- that SK, she's allus gettin' me in trouble....

The only thing I know about alcohol is how to drink it. Leave it to Herr Schwinnnnnggggg to create booze outta what planned to be candy!!

*runs to store for extra oranges and mason jars*

[candied orange peel recipe coming in a coupla days -- when I finish off the truffles and Christmas Bark and Nut Barks]

Ha, there you go. I'll just let it keep doing what it's doing till it's all drunked up.

Ive been doing this stuff for decades. Start with good vodka or whisky. If you're not starting with good stuff, then run it through a Brita water filter four times and use the vodka then. No guarantees about whisky, but bad rum and mescal can be improved by one pass.

The important thing is to make sure you use the pure zest, that is, not the bitter white pith. Use that and the liquor will be bitter. So get a zesting tool or be very careful with a knife or grater.

Next, you only need to leave the zest in vodka for a few days. Three is plenty for limes, four or five for lemons, with oranges, it depends. Just try a sip or two every day after the third day. Shouldn't be much of a problem to tell when it's ready.

If you want, then add sugar. A little vanilla extract is good, so is a small amount of dry anisette or Ouzo or Raki. If you give a friend a taste, he shouldn't notice the licorice. Ask him if he notices the orange flavor, the sweetness, the alcohol. Then ask him if he tastes something else. If he can identify it as licorice, you used too much.

Some people like to add glycerine to give it "body" and add sweetness. I don't, buy your call.

Easy, makes a great nearly-last-minute Christmas gift. I have a few bottles put by in case I forget birthdays or for parties. Homemade liqueur smacks of careful planning, but pfft.

--Sapo Mal

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