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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Some predictions by people smarter than I
By way of MaxedOutMama I found these Predictions for 2006 written by the Anchoress.    There are 21 of them, all nicely done.  Here are a few I liked most ..
  • 3) President Bush will not be impeached over the FISE/NSA matter; his poll numbers will continue to rise as Americans - no longer distracted with Christmas - follow the story and realize that the NY Times and much of the Fourth Estate have become a Fifth Column.
Good reasoning, but the notion that Bush could be impeached is a dream that lives only between the ears of the Mean Green Loon Machiners.
  • 9) Somebody’s gotta get serious with Iran. W will do it. Ungrateful Europe and leftists will curse him for it, while wiping their brows in relief before driving to their next Bush-bashing engagement.
Here's one other guy who agrees with her ..

"Congenital pessimist John Derbyshire writes at NRO that "Iran will test a nuclear weapon....The European nations will issue a joint statement declaring their very, very grave displeasure." Stuttaford likewise writes that "the Iranians will have come even closer to securing [nukes]. We still won't know what to do." The IHT's Bernstein predicts diplomatic failure and adds helpfully: "After Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will go nuclear too, and just when the post-Cold War world is supposed to reduce its nuclear stockpiles, a nuclear arc will be forming from India and Pakistan in the East all the way to North Africa, and it will be forming in the most politically explosive, death- and extremist-prone region of the globe." - John Tabin

  • 14) John McCain will continue to straddle middle ground wherever he can, and the press will continue to let him think he could be president. They will encourage him to run as a third party candidate. McCain will change his middle name to Perot.
  • 15) The Democrats will not pick up any new senate seats in ‘06, but Olympia Snow[e] and a few other GOP Senators will jump the aisle, giving the majority to the Democrats, who will declare filibusters “unpatriotic, obstructive and unserious.”
Possible, but unlikely.  At this point who cares?  90% of all Senators are jerk-offs to begin with.  The Anchoress has several links to other blog predictions after hers, so prolly worth a look.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Here is my top prediction:

The left-wing bureaucrats in the CIA will become frustrated with their attempt to overthrow the government with secret disclosures only to see Bush rise in the polls after every disclosure.

Because of their frustrations, these CIA traitors will attempt to assassinate the President by putting a bomb in one of his running shoes.

Thanks for the link and my favorite:

16) Bill Clinton�s health will again be in the news. Chelsea will become engaged. There will be talk of a �White House Wedding.� All of this will serve to �humanize� Hillary who will, at some point, cry in public. Sort of. It�s going to be a ghastly sight.



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