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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Memory Pain

Under Clinton, we lost to these guys
This series of pictures from fighting in Monrovia, presented with humorously acerbic commentary at ("The Definitive Guide to Gangsta Hip-Hop Urban Combat") - hat tip to SondraK -- made me think of something else.  Somalia.  Let's take a second, and remember that grand adventure, principally designed to show that a draft evader can successfully mount a military operation.

It began clandestinely enough, on December 2, 1992, with Navy Seals stealing ashore in Somalia to clear the way for the forthcoming Marine landing.  Seals made maps, measured water levels, and sea floor gradients, then  paddled away undetected.

A few days later the Marines landed in the dead of night.  But guess what?  No sooner were they ashore when the entire beach head came alive with camera lights, and crowds of media assembled to document Operation Slick Willy.  I am not making that up.

As we all know, Somalia was a disaster, and we actually withdrew with tails between legs.  Osama bin Laden is on record as saying that this was a defining moment for him -- it showed the United States would withdraw if they could be bloodied sufficiently. Post operation analysis pinned blame for the debacle squarely on the shoulders of  Sec/Def Les Aspen, and Clinton, for ignoring weapons and material requests made  by the military. Watch the film "Black Hawk Down."

Not a word of reproach over Somalia was heard from the very people who've found fault with every move Bush has made since 9-11-01.  Every Move. Do the math, and then tell me liberals are  concerned about "the safety of our brave fighting men and women in Iraq." The left cares about one thing, their own power.

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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Also Murtha harangued Clinton to immediately withdraw from Somalia.

Is that true??

Who was President in December 1992? Was it the guy who was first innagurated in January 1993?

I had always assumed that entering Somolia was a final F/U to Clinton from Bush I. Sorta the Republican version of stealing all the W's and vandalizing the Whitehouse.

You are el-correcto, it was a Bush Sr. initiative (just as the Bay of Pigs was Eisenhower's to formulate, and Kennedy's to fuck up) Clinton used the whole affair shamelessly (see accompanying photo of his grand march on the White House lawn), and it was his dufus Les Apin who refused requested armor. Click that pic for more memories.+

Robert - Marines came ashore in Dec. '92, indeed on Bush's watch. Acording to a Marine I spoke to who was there, as the biggest, baddest dog on the block (his terminology) they owned the town so to speak. Early on, the technicals and the skinnies would ride by a headquarters building waving and pointing their weapons at it. The Marine commander ordered them to desist and when the problem continued, a Marine marksman shot one dead from a considerable distance. After that, nobody came near the HQ with a weapon, and truckloads of young men would raise their empty hands to show they were not armed when passing the building. The Marines also had armor.

After Clinton took office, the Army's 10th Mountain Division, Rangers and Army Aviation units arrived, but the rules of engagement changed. Clinton and his pussy advisors thought the US should not appear so warlike on a mission to feed the starving populace, so the Army was denied requested armor and told to make nice-nice. This when even the Pakistani's had armor.

The result was escalating violence, American casualties, and the withdrawal in the face of those casualties late in 1993.

One of these days you Libs will learn that running from a bully only encourages him, and that Clinton was a gutless do-nothing President who was more concerned about satisfying his ego and his groin than being an executive who actually led and acted rather than talking, talking, talking... and saying nothing.

Robert, try reading and remembering rather than yelling nadda, nadda boo-boo.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Fair enough, I just wanted to clarify that the landing described above was on Bush's watch and that I thought it somewhat inappropriate to start a campaign while a lame duck.

My disagreement was not with the substance of the post.

Thanks for your candor. It did start on Bush I's watch, but it began as a UN operation in early 1992 to try to avert mass starvation amidst an escalating civil war and drought. By late 1992, the warlords were overwhelming the UN personnel in country, and another UN Resolution authorized a large multinational armed force to quell the looting of food and stabilize the legitimate government. The USA and about twenty other nations supplied personnel for this force, which attempted to end the starvation, which by that time caused ~300,000 deaths.

On the other hand, I agree with you that launching a major campaign like Operation Iraqi Freedom as a one month left lame duck would be presumptuous unless there was extreme provocation and massive public support.

The US Somalia expedition was in response to a UN resolution to stop the looting and disruption of food distribution, not to change a regime, however.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

I like pie...

Free SGTAR15!!!

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