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Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Major Award
"In the 1980 comic classic "Private Benjamin," Goldie Hawn, whose character has been widowed just six hours after her wedding, finds herself in the office of an Army recruiter. If she enlists, he promises her, she'll have access to yachts and beachfront condos -- and the chance to be in the best shape of her life.

"Lately it's become all the rage to depend on Uncle Sam for a fitness program, or to pretend to do so... .

"Take soda. The Center for Science in the Public Interest plans to file lawsuits, as early as next month, against Coca-Cola and PepsiCo. ...  Richard Daynard, a law professor at Northeastern University who will be representing the plaintiffs..  stands to make millions if the suit is successful." - Big Brother Is (Weight) Watching
'Pus Filled Canker Blossom of the Year'
Richard Daynart - Shakedown Artist of the Year

"Richard Daynard, a key player in the tobacco wars, at first thought lawsuits against fast food companies would fail, but then he had an epiphany. “What persuaded us,” he now says, “was, in a sense, the media. This thing is so radioactive in terms of media attention that cases will bring in other lawyers and bring in other cases.”

"In other words, Daynard is counting on a snowball effect. Start the ball rolling downhill, attract a few additional cases, and gather momentum. Eventually, the logic goes, fast food companies will be the subject of so many lawsuits that they’ll throw up the white flag. Legal merits and common sense? Please." --  Fallout From 'Radioactive' Torts
When it comes to shakedown artists, you'd be hard pressed to beat Richard Daynard, Tort Man, and our "Pus Filled Canker Blossom of the Year."   An integral component of the "Nuisance Law" industry (ACLU, ATLA, Democratic Party) these cynical dewberries each year cost Americans billions of dollars in jacked up auto insurance, health care costs, consumer goods cost ... in fact, there is no segment of our economy left unaffected by them. Just like rats, and cockroaches.
"When McDonald's decided a couple of months ago to put nutritional information on its products, its executives probably weren't thinking that, say, a nine-year-old would be studying the label on a quarter-pounder (420 calories) to determine whether the burger would bust his daily nutritional allowance. They were trying to keep an "expert witness" in some future trial from saying that adults don't know how unhealthy fast food can be. You know, the way adults didn't have a clue that smoking a pack of cigarettes a day was a habit at odds with a long life."  - Big Brother Is (Weight) Watching
Naming Daynard 'Pus Filled Canker Blossom of the Year,'  by no means erases any of the slime trail left on our economy by activist lawyer John Banzhaf,  who is himself a past 'Pus Filled' winner . 

"Banzhaf speaks with the voice of experience. The professor at George Washington University was in the forefront of lawsuits against cigarette manufacturers. "People used to say that those suits were frivolous," he noted. "Well, today we call those lawyers 'multi-millionaires.'" - John Stossel "Fast food justice isn't good justice"

As much as I despise these people, the so called Cheeseburger Law passed by the House in October is troublesome. I don't like the idea of the Feds telling state courts what they may, or may not entertain by way of lawsuits.  I probably don't have to worry though, because the last I heard the Senate was letting it collect dust, primarily, I'm afraid, because a majority of them are owned by tort lawyers. Anyway, the federal courts are another matter.

 I think a good tack would be to emulate  proposed legislation designed to curb the ACLU.  If passed, that law would say, "okay, do your public service as you see fit, but you don't get lawyer fees."   Then we'll see just how "civic minded" these dewberries really are.  But first, we Americans have got to start defending ourselves against these pernicious thugs.  There are huge rewards.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Lawyers cost each family in a America $3000 every year in higher prices for everything especially medical bills and insurance and in lost wages.

Life would be much better if each family sent a $3000 check to the Trial Lawyers Association on January 2 every year. In return the lawyers would agree to leave us alone.

Yes, the argument made to support these vultures is that they keep the child-like public out of the hands of evil big-business but they make hundreds-of-millions of dollars but the "victims" get coupons for their next visit to their supposed malefactors.

What about smokers for instance? States got big settlements (in addition to the vultures) to supposedly help out smokers with health problems but in some states this money just became revenue. How about refunding the smokers some of the money they paid in added insurance premiums?

Excellent choice. Yet, as Jack points out, Rob Reiner must surely qualify for some such. Perhaps the Let's All Get Together and Beat MeatHead With a Joint of Beef Award.

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