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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

In the interest of my immortal soul, I'm going with nipples
Last night I landed on XM radio's broadcast of Air America, the venture funded by orphans and hungry school children, just as some nut was saying this ...
" ... I know there's an enemies list, I've filed through the Freedom of Information Act for records of the list to see if I'm on it... I hope I'm listed as number one."
WTF? Was this a retro broadcast of Nixonmania? - that had leftists clamoring for that red badge of honor .. a place on Nixon's enemies list (which was, in fact, seating instructions for state dinners). Who was this moonbat? I stayed through a commercial (yes, XM Radio has commercials) to find out that ... it was Alan Colmes. Yes, that Alan Colmes, and sounding so loony I could scarce believe it. I don't watch Hannity & Colmes[FNC] much at all, but when I have, it seemed to me that Colmes at least tried to appear rational. Not on Air America. The crazy sumbitch actually believes there's a Bush enemies list (Dick, I want to send my Christmas cards, but seem to have misplaced the enemi ... whoops, here it is, under my hidden tape recorder), and that he's on it? HFS!

That's where we're at ... the battle lines are in place, and soldered. Bush's use of FISA - the latest cause celeb of the enemy left, like every single law in America, is so filled with ambiguity, loopholes, and by now a provenance that will justify anything, is being attacked by liberals for the same reason they screech when Bush has a bowel movement - they hate his guts, and would trade 4 million dead New Yorkers in a heartbeat for control.

I have two choices .. I can dwell on all this, which will lead to my pressing the button , annihilating about 28 million ratbastard "American" leftists. loons, ignoramuses, psychopaths, and the prick who left the fries out of my McDonald's order - or, I can look for pictures of comely women showing a hint of nipple, or funny pictures, or happy things. In the interest of my immortal soul, I'll go with the latter, because God knows how black my heart is right now.

  • 1978, President Jimmy Carter signed into law the Foreign Intelligence Surveillancey Act (FISA). That gave federal agents authority to secretly bug any individual suspected of, or knowing someone suspected of, being an agent of a hostile foreign government. Carter later issued an Executive Order that excepted the President, who with the concurrence of the AG could order domestic surveillance for periods of up to one year.
  • Clinton's Executive Order 12949 gives the secret FISA court authority to approve black-bag operations, and allows the Department of Justice to conduct physical, as well as electronic, searches -- without first obtaining a warrant in open court. Nor would they have to notify the subject, or provide an inventory of items seized. That's secret.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Have a drink, go to and browse your worries away. Sign up as a photographer or wardrobe stylist (didn�t you design some stewardess uniforms years ago?) to see it all. If your heart does turn black, then the dims have won�

I glad you came down on the nipples(so to speak) There is no hope for reasonable and logical conversation with the wacky left. None, nada, just forgetaboutit. The irrational hatred they have of George Bush is their over riding guide.

You can not break through. I know how good it makes you feel to vent, and I certainly enjoy your methods. Throwing in an occasional, scantily clad woman is always a crowd pleaser.

My applicatio is waiting for the review board's approval, a process that may take hors, or days. In the meanwhile, I'll have to make do with Sluts and Hostess Cupcakes

MM, you don't seem to understand. I don't want to reason with them, I want to disintegrate them, and I can. I have the button. But it's a sin.

This post kills Kerry's case for Bush's impeachment.

Yannow, I find it hard to read the news without getting that anger thing Gun Boy talks about. Don't watch any lobotomy box for the same reasons. So yeah, chill out a bit, but keep the tires aired up on the B52... just in case. wmprof

I always wondered about Condi. Now I know.

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