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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I fix anything

The Senate's failure hours before Christmas to finally open up the Arctic to oil and gas exploration at least makes clear that all the enviro griping about the need for "energy independence" or getting rid of those horrible SUVs is just so much politicized blather.

Refineries are stretched to the limit, drivers dread trips to the gas station and natural gas prices have soared to $15 per million BTUs. Yet even as it feigns concern about reliance on foreign oil, Congress has spent not one kilojule of energy actually passing legislation to increase domestic supply.

Republicans thought they finally had drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in the bag when they included it in a budget reconciliation package that needed only 51 votes, allowing them to elude the Senate filibuster. That fell apart after 25 House Republicans, primarily from the Northeast, demanded ANWR be stripped from the bill. This only after they'd wangled an extra $1 billion in home heating subsidies to pay for "costly" natural gas.

Alaska Senator Ted Stevens then attached the drilling provision to a defense appropriations bill, effectively forcing drilling opponents to choose between troop money or the handful of radical green groups that have made blocking ANWR their sole legislative priority. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and other Democrats chose all right, and more energy self-sufficiency wasn't the winner. Mr. Stevens came up four votes shy of overcoming a filibuster.-Arctic Meltdown

The soloution is easy, and a win win.  Alaskans ought to just start drilling in ANWAR.  Not a single Green Weenie will ever know. They not only have never been to Anwar, they don't know where it is.  Even if they do find out,  what can they do about it?  Issue a court order?  Ignore it.  Learn from California liberals, and get an Alaskan judge to overturn any ruling that attempts to stop drilling.  Then elect me president.  I'll declare martial law.  Just 24 hours later everything will be fixed - I mean everything! - and then I'll resign. STG.  But I get a pensionn equal to Pat Shroeder's. And a statue.  See what I mean?  Win-win. USA USA
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
In the 90s, Native Americans sued the Clinton Adminstration to allow them to drill on their own lands near ANWAR. Clinton fought the lawsuit and won.

Although the MSM quotes Native Americans in the area decrying the defilement of nature, that is a decidedly minority opinion.

So these tribes should start drilling as you suggest and dare the left to go after them.

"...elect me president. I'll declare martial law. Just 24 hours later everything will be fixed..."

Ahhhh... Music to my ears. Schlong The Magnificent is back.
When is the election? Should I bring my rope to the election or would that be too presumptuous?

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Jake beat me to it -- let the Inuits drill/take the lion's share of the profits/dare the weenies to say a fekkin' word.

Then elect Herr Schlooooooongggg PrezzyDent. With a shoot-on-sight proviso for [insert list here].

That bronze looks French... what/where is it, please?

Claire beat me to my line: "Hand me that list, sir. Hollow points ok, Mr. President?"

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