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Monday, December 26, 2005

Hollywood Doody v. Hollywood Beauty
The past few days we've learned that Hollywood stars have been refusing to entertain the troops in droves.  Reasons given range from, "I'm scared I might get hurt," to "I don't want it to appear that I support Bush."  Some stars who have gone, like Robin Williams, couldn't help attacking the President, which comedy went over like a fart in church with these real Americans, and serves to underscore how Hollywood has been radicalized by a pervasive leftist, anti-American ideology.  Tweren't always so.

Certainly one of the sweetest, and most considerate, people I've met through this blog  is "Wild Thing," who I happened upon  in November.  It turns out that Chrissie (Wild Thing), along with her other attributes [ahem],  is a movie star who entertained troops on Bob Hope's Vietnam Christmas Tour. I only wish we had more like her today.  Thanks Wild Thing.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
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If the movie stars thought only about themselves, they should be visiting the troops. There is no better way to build up a loyal base of fans.

Of course, if they had any intelligence at all, they would not be part of the Hollywood left.

A good deal of it has to do with wanting to keep working, I imagine, but I don't accept that excuse when so much is at stake. The word "coward" can be used freely, in any event.

And to top off all of this woman's fine qualities, she's a Bronco fan.

What a gal.

You are probably right, Roger. The fear of being blacklisted is their greatest fear.

Is there something lower than coward? I guess I would excuse anyone that truly felt their life was in danger but how much girlier can you be than The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for God's sake?

I guess all that crap from the left about you can support the troops but be against the war/President has finally been shown for what is is for all to see: crap.

What is sticking out of Adam West's head? Was he so accustomed to playing a role in a cowl that he needs something on his head to perform?

Rodger you are so kind. ((hug))

Blogdog. hahaha I have no idea why the person that took that photo did not notice that thing behind Adam West's head. But it sure is funny.

Hollywood today is probably 98 percent socialist and are a large part of the enemy within. It breaks my heart to see how they are. The days of Jimmy Stewart and others is long gone. America has changed so much.

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