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Monday, December 26, 2005

Eureka ... the missing link is found in Maryland!

Maryland HMOs hand new tax to consumers
I hope you'll follow this,  even though I may mangle it a bit,because it is the political equivalent of finding the missing link.  I'm taking  you to Maryland.
ANNAPOLIS -- The roughly $40 million tax that Democrats in the Maryland legislature levied on the state's health-maintenance organizations soon will be passed along almost entirely to consumers, state regulators say.
    The 2 percent tax on HMO premiums, which the General Assembly passed over Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.'s veto, will cost a family of four about $200 more a year.
    Mr. Ehrlich and other Republican leaders warned last year that the tax would be paid by patients and called it a "misguided tax" from an anti-business, Democrat-controlled legislature.
Blah-blah-blah.  Democrats do not understand (or do not care) that corporations do not pay taxes, the consumer does.  So now that it predictably comes to pass, yet again, what do Maryland's democrats say?   (Here comes the part I was talking about)
"House Speaker Michael E. Bush said the tax succeeded in stopping the increases in malpractice-insurance rates that purportedly threatened to drive doctors out of business.
    "It has worked," said Mr. Busch, Anne Arundel Democrat. "Those who voted against it are grasping at any straw or vine to support their position."
    Malpractice-insurance rates have stabilized in Maryland."
WTF?  How did a tax increase on HMO's stop a rise in malpractice insurance?  Did that greedy democratic party constituency, ambulance chasers, suddenly decide to do something respectable with their lives?  Hardly.
Medical Mutual Liability Insurance Society of Maryland -- the state's largest insurer of doctors -- increased rates 66.8 percent since 2003, but has not filed for a rate increase for next year.
    The company collected more than $27 million this year from the subsidy funded by the HMO tax, according to the Maryland Insurance Administration, which administers the fund.

Did you get that? Faced with a medical catastrophe caused by out of control jury awards, Maryland democrats  had the choice of tort reform, which is anathema to Maryland's democratic legislators (all of whom are themselves lawyers, insurance salesmen, or retired Baltimore pimps), or what they did.  Pay tribute to the pirates with loot they stole from the taxpayer.. 

Whenever democrats, at any level, face a problem, their solution is always "Pay the ransom."  Always.  This, this ... this idiocy, though, is near incomprehensible. But now, at least, you can understand  why congressional democrats are so perplexed over the concept of cutting out the root cause of terror. That part of the liberal brain never developed, and has withered. Here is the proof that the Republican animal did grow, while this freakish democrat anomaly somehow hung on with only half a brain. Eek! Kill it before it propagates!
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
You just don't get it, do you Rodge?

Tax increases are good. Corporations are evil. Tax increases on evil corporations are Double Plus Good! Reality be damned.

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