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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The political staph infection  socialista  liberalus,  that attacks the ganglia constituting our nation's  success -- its institutions, traditions, republicanism, and the military that protects our very cerebral cortex --  has been attacking retailer Wal-Mart.  Why?  Who the hell knows?. Individual amoeba, while brainless,  react to stimuli, and instinctively swarm over anything that threatens their leftist world view.  Movie critic Michael Medved, in an op-ed piece for the Seattle (a pus filled breeding city for this bacteria) Times,  discusses the latest attack [Attention, Wal-Mart critics]
"... filmmaker Robert Greenwald has just unleashed a bitter documentary ("Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price") that has been shown in November in some 3,000 private homes, union halls and churches across the United States before its general DVD release. Produced with support from labor organizations (which resent their inability to unionize Wal-Mart), and endorsed by Hollywood comedian-activists Al Franken and Jeaneane Garofolo, Greenwald's film accuses the company of exploiting employees, despoiling the environment, destroying small businesses, and flooding the United States with sweatshop merchandise from abroad."
Labor, Franken, Garafolo.  Three words that are, to the mindless left, what a nice prostate, or G-spot massage is to the rest of us.  But, who is this guy Greenwald?
More recently, Greenwald has focused on unabashedly left-wing documentaries, including last year's "Outfoxed," an angry "exposé" of Fox News Channel — another profoundly profitable institution that has earned enthusiastic support from the American heartland.

In fact, a consistent contempt for ordinary Americans seems to connect both poles of Greenwald's career: In his earlier, populist "Portrait of a Stripper" phase, he attempted to connect with a mass audience by insulting its intelligence; in his more-recent work as a high-minded documentarian, he has portrayed the people as helpless boobs manipulated by evil corporations, and unable to make appropriate decisions about their own long-term welfare.

One of the sponsors of the new film's premiere, Liza Featherstone of The Nation magazine, begins one of her frequent diatribes against her least-favorite company by sniffing: "Wal-Mart is an unadorned eyesore surrounded by a parking lot, even its logo aggressively devoid of flourish."
The thing is, we have a cure for this national cancer.  Radiation treatment.  Even though some healthy tissue might be destroyed in the process, it's recommend that we go ahead and do it.  Seattle, Hollywood, Vermont, Manhattan, Montgomery County, Md..   Nukem.     I mean that in the good way.                                             
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
If I had to be trapped on a desert island with a liberal, I'd take Garafolo. I would so make her my bitch. You wouldn't recognize her when we were rescued.

Maybe that's not proper for a Sunday. But I DO mean it in a good way.

I highly recommend "Outfoxed". Its as funny as hell. All it is is a stream of MSM newsies wailing and moaning about how Fox News does the exact same things that they do.

If I had to be trapped on a desert island with a liberal, I'd take Garafolo. I would so make her my bitch.

Are you female MM? I think Garafolo only takes AC if you catch my drift.

Rodger, there is some nice real estate in those areas. Do you have a neutron bomb so we can use those places after a bit less than 50,000 years? Otherwise we can do your H-21 gallows, or I could talk to my boy who flies H-53's about some part-time work.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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