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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

"To rename a Christmas tree as a holiday tree is as offensive as renaming a Jewish menorah a candlestick" -- Mathew Staver
In a discussion prompted by House Speaker Denny Hastert's decision to overturn  a Clinton era order using Holiday Tree, and have a National Christmas Tree once again, E.D. Hill opined:
At my church, they're uncomfortable using the word Christmas ..yes... my church!  This is how crazy it's gotten, all of a sudden I realized ... I realized that the one fund raiser we have a year is called "Rudolph's Workshop," so I mentioned to the pastor, "Didn't it used to be called Christmas in our town?" and he said "Yeah, but people wanted to change it."  I said, "Why?" and he said "they thought other people would feel uncomfortable with the church using the word Christmas." `
I guess it's safe to say that E.D,'s pastor would have escaped being eaten by lions.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
This type of thinking is starting to dominate mainline Protestant denominations. They are teaching a left-wing Anti-American philosophy of life in their churches and have given up Jesus Christ and the Bible as too judgmental.

It is also the reason that mainline Protestant church membership is dropping like a rock.

Hey, she might just want to consider changing to a church that actually has the brass balls to ban homosexuals from being preachers.
...just a thought.

wtf? where did that come from?

I saw that and thought the same thing.
Strange times, indeed.

Well, all things NOT being equal, you will never hear a menorah referred to as a candlestick! Not in this country. No, I don't hate joooooos! (FrankJ), but the truth is out there. And the truth is that the name, Jesus Christ, and all associated w/Him, stikes fear in the hearts of a secular world. Among Democrats, mostly because He challenges their own 'godhood'.

If I were to interpret MoFiZiX, I would guess he's referring to Jake's comment. Among fundamental Christians, homosexuality is one of many sinful practices; same as adultery, stealing, drunkeness, etc. Not the best qualifications to lead the flock. IMHO, joyce

Yanno what *really* offends me? Fulk� being offended by stuff that ain't about them.

And then other folk worrying about fulk� being offended by stuff that ain't none of their busy-ness.

Beat them all with sticks!

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