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Monday, November 21, 2005

Fun for the whole family
A few years ago for our anniversary Mother Superior asked for a pistola.  She had two reasons for wanting one.  The first was she felt she needed to become versed in the art of shooting mofos who might be a threat to her, or hers.  Second, she was sorry that our children had been raised without any exposure  to responsible gun awareness.   Instead, they were treated to the standard gun nut attitude we have come to expect from our public schools.  She thought that perhaps her involvement might serve as a bridge into the shooting sports for them, and to an extent it worked.  She got a S&W Model 41, joined a shooting club, took instruction, and learned to shoot.  Three of our four kids took time to learn fundamental gun safety rules, and fire at the range.  Two of them participated in Bullseye competition.

One problem she has is finding the time to run off to the range.  I bought a cheap pellet gun from Wal-mart, and we began plinking at home, just to keep in practice, but there was little resemblance to the cordite experience.  We ended up just shooting squirrels that ate our bird's food.

This year one of my gun guys got involved with sanctioned NRA air pistol shooting.  This is a real serious sport where many shooters compete using Hammerli air pistols costing $1300 and up.  Anyway, he came up with a deal on a Russian made Baikal IZH46M pistol, at about a 40% discount for club members.  I figgered that was 'zactly what MS needed, and probably wanted.  D:

I will set up a 10 meter range in the basement where we can both keep in practice.  Additionally, I think we can get back to involving the kids when they come over (target shooting is great fun).  The Baikal is no toy.  It fires a .177 pellet at a velocity of 470 fps.  The target above shows the first five shots fired from the  new pistol,  no sight adjustment ... nothing, from about 33'.  With Christmas coming, air pistols are a nice, inexpensive gateway into target shooting.  There is no license required either.
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Gayle Miller
Nice shooting. NRA TC

You'll put an eye out with that thing!

When I was 10 I entered a BB gun contest at JC Penney and won. Ever since I have enjoyed a good pellet shot between powder rounds.

That Baikal is a peach. The Son&Heir is doing the 10-meter competition thing, and his coach says he has an outside shot (NPI) at making the junior U.S. Team, or even the Olympics. Get the NRA-required targets for your indoor range.

OT: A 33' basement? Damn, you must be rich. If we wanted to do that (no basement -- we're Texans), Son&Heir would have to shoot the entire length of the upstairs passage into his bedroom.

Gun Guy

Baikal is great bang for the buck.

Errr...make that "great Pfffffttt for the buck."

Ahhhh...the S&W Model 41

I paid $700 in the late 1990's for an original 1957 model 41 with the long barrel that was the nicest pistol I ever owned.

I lost it in a house fire in 2001.

What a great, well designed handgun.

"With Christmas coming, air pistols are a nice, inexpensive gateway into target shooting"

Um, Rodger, Sir,.....did you say "inexpensive" ???


You can buy entry level Crossman pellet guns at Wal-mart for $35 ...

Even the Baikal at $270, or so, is way less expensive than a decent .22 marksman pistol, and .177 pellets are cheap as dirt.

If you're interested in competition, you can never be better than your gun allows.

We paid $700 for the wife's -- with two barrels -- about 5 years ago. I shoot in Bullseye competition with it, and every Bullesye record is still held by the 41. The finest target pistol ever made, IMO. Lots of guys are going Hammerli, et al, but I'm not sure they shoot even 2 points better than they would with a tuned 41.

Gun Guy ... yeah, here in the East we all have 40' basements. I think it's code. D:

Does son and heir shoot a Baikal?

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