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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Denis Leary. Offensive, and stupid.
I like Dennis Leary, although aside from his lead role in 1994's wonderfully entertaining  The Ref , he is definitely best suited as a character actor.  I used to love his stand up comedy too.   So, last night when a Leary Christmas special followed a South Park rerun on Comedy Central, I was agreeable to stay and watch.  For maybe 72 seconds.  That's how long it took him to wipe out years of good will.

In those opening few seconds Leary, raised Catholic,  ridiculed the notion of Jesus Christ's virgin birth, and compared Catholicism unfavorably with Tom's Cruise's Scientology.  What offends me, once again, is the arrogance, and utter lack of respect these Hollywood motherfuckers display.

More pragmatically, Catholics are the largest single block of Christians in the nation.  Hell, even a group as morally bankrupt as the Democratic party takes care to court them for votes.  In the entertainment world, votes are manifested in the number of seats filled.  Leary has fewer fans on Wednesday morning than he did Tuesday at Sun up. Pretty stupid indulgence for someone who sells tickets.

Eat me Leary.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Sadly, the number of CINOs and liberal Catholics have compromised and severely crippled the strength of the Catholic Church for the past 50 years. Even Benedict sees the err of promoting Vatican II. Echoes of the Fatima predictions? Ubecha!

I too had favorable memories of Leary. So I picked up a DVD of a live performance of his several months ago. Now I'm an adult, been there, done that and yet I lasted about 10 minutes. It was so foul and not the least bit funny.

Is it me? It's such a cultural toilet, I'm glad I grew up in the 50's. I believe it's a big handicap to get off in life viewing this crap.

My wife can barely stand to see a movie any more for much the same reason.

With our country pretty much evenly divided politically, I always found it mind numbing for (so called) entertainers to deliberately alienate half of their audience. Just shut up and regurgitate your lines.


I actually watched the whole show (my family wanted to see it, in hopes that he would eventually revert to form) - not only was the opening insulting to any Catholics or Christians in general, the show just wasn't funny (okay, I got a small chuckle from "Tits for Tots", but the rest sucked). The sketches were either bitter and hateful about the holidays, or simply non-sequiter. It's sad to see another comedian follow the path of George Carlin.

When it comes to their religion, Catholics are notoriously self-loathing.

I was raised Presbyterian so the Catholic church's rites and traditions were a total mystery to me until just a few years ago when I attended my first mass.

All I can say is that most Catholics I know who've left the church seem to really abhor it.

I haven't been inside a Presbyterian church in over 20 years but I don't hate them... *shrugs*...

Still.....ya gotta admit that No Cure for Cancer is pretty damn funny

Catholics are not immune to the "I'm okay, You're okay," non judgmental culture that took root in the 70's. Being held to rigid standards is such a burden, after all, and wall to wall attacks on the church by the media over the past 50 years have made it pretty easy to punt.

I see the Leary's of our culture as having a coarsening effect. For instance, 20 years ago I would never have crash landed my B-52 into the Kodak Theater during the Academy Awards, like I would today. Does that make me a bad person? No. I checked with Earth Mother, and she said. "whatever."

If you could take out the Church of Scientology building too, that would be great...

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