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Friday, November 18, 2005

Democrat loyalty oath ... ain't that McCarthyism?
Much is being made over Rep. John Murtha ..  - Democrat Rep. John Murtha's call for a pullout of Iraq.  Why?? -- he is a democrat??  His leader, Nancy Pelosi,  has sworn all members of the democratic caucus to a loyalty oath .. they HAD to sign this oath, that they  cannot vote against a leadership position.  The democrat leadership position is that Iraq is Bush's war fought to reward Exxon, and we must pull out.  So what is Murtha going to do?  Maintain his previous strong support for Iraq, but vote against it? 

The other reason Murtha's switch makes headlines (other than the MSM loves it when veterans do anything that undermines anything military), is that Murtha is himself a Viet Nam vet.  For today's democrats, having a military veteran (who fought on our side) call himself a democrat is a major big deal, since there are so few of them. I'm not sure, but Murtha might be the only Democrat in congress with a Vietnam pedigree --  that wasn't made up?  That gives him a special cachet amongst the party of draft evaders.

Carry on.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
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I don't get why Murtha's comments are being trumpeted so loudly. It's just another democrat proving he is a pussy, where's the news in that?

Matthew O.


Did you hear those champagne corks popping?

Murtha said almost exactly the same thing 1 1/2 years ago. Wonder why he didn't get the air he's getting now?

This morning I heard Murtha's response to Cheney's rejection of the "run away, run away"* the effect that "he loves it when someone who hasn't been there" criticizes someone who has (Murtha). Except that Murtha ain't "been there" either!

Vietnam was another (DIFFERENT!) war, and this one is nothing like Vietnam. And, without impugning those who served there, it turned out somewhat poorly. So Murtha's expertise on Iraq is based on his expertise carrying out a losing strategy in Vietnam? Why are we listening to this senile doddard Donk anyway?

My Dad did the Vietnam thing, and I've done the Iraq thing, so we must be qualified to be SECDEF and ChJCS, right?

*where is a Monty Python sound clip when you need it?

Here chuck

the only thing worse than Murtha is weakling conservatives giving him credibility. here is Rod Dreher at NRO [yes, the same who was so breathlessly hysterical post-katrina]. we need to seek out weaklings among us and expunge. we have enough weaklings in Congress, we don't need more at conservative institutions like NRO. this isn't WFB-ish. this isn't Modern Conservatism. this is defeatist conservatism, rollover and surrender, cut and run. and it's MUCH MORE DANGEROUS COMING FROM OUR OWN.

Don't know how many of you caught Rep. John Murtha's very angry, very moving speech just now in which he called on the White House to institute an immediate withdrawal of US troops from Iraq. CNN didn't air the entire thing, but as I listened to it, I could feel the ground shift. Murtha, as you know, is not a Pelosi-style Chardonnay Democrat; he's a crusty retired career Marine who reminds me of the kinds of beer-slugging Democrats we used to have before the cultural left took over the party. Murtha, a conservative Dem who voted for the war, talked in detail about the sacrifices being borne by our soldiers and their families, and about his visits out to Walter Reed to look after the maimed, and how we've had enough, it's time to come home. He was hell on the president too.

If tough, non-effete guys like Murtha are willing to go this far, and can make the case in ways that Red America can relate to -- and listening to him talk was like listening to my dad, who's about the same age, and his hunting buddies -- then the president is in big trouble. I'm sure there's going to be an anti-Murtha pile-on in the conservative blogosphere, but from where I sit, conservatives would be fools not to take this man seriously.

I heard a most interesting take on this this morning on the radio. It seems that right after Murtha said his piece these other democrats were asked if they agreed. None could be found. Nancy Pelosi dodged the question twice in the sound clip I heard. Why? Apparently for all their hypocritcal amnesia they don't want to be known as the party of surrender! BWAAAAAAAAH! Conservate media should hold their feet to the fire on this one!

Here it is!

The plaintive call of the Murtha in the weeds...

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