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Monday, November 28, 2005

Car Thoughts
On the way home from the big city earlier today, I  decided to champion the return of dueling as a legitimate form of political protest, and varmint control.  For fun, I would take the reader on a journey -- from when I slap Ted Rall across the face with a lead pipe, and he demands satisfaction... to the actual carnage ...
 "Sir, you have besmirched my honor -- [hey, the whole thing is ridiculous, so roll with it] -- Sir, you have besmirched my honor.  Choose your weapon!"  

Okay,  .45's at 50 yards. 
Rall is dispatched posthaste.  I'm confident of the outcome, not so much because I'm a good pistol shot -- he might be too - as because I assume he actually has something to live for.  Ice blood counts in these situations (It's 5:00 now, Happy Hour, so I have to hurry before I start feeling too nice).  Anyway, as so often happens, by the time I got ink and paper in place, the whole deal had mutated, in much the same manner as Bill Clinton's demeanor at the funeral of someone he just had murdered, and realizes the television camera has caught him laughing.  Like that.

Which brings us to political satire. (I should quit here, but fuck it.) For argument's  sake, let's stipulate that Jonathan Swift is the greatest literary satirist of modern times.  His classic "Gulliver's Travels, was in fact very obvious (to the 18th century reader) political satire.
"Gulliver’s Travels was a controversial work when it was first published in 1726. In fact, it was not until almost ten years after its first printing that the book appeared with the entire text that Swift had originally intended it to have. Ever since, editors have excised many of the passages, particularly the more caustic ones dealing with bodily functions. Even without those passages, however, Gulliver’s Travels serves as a biting satire, and Swift ensures that it is both humorous and critical, constantly attacking British and European society through its descriptions of imaginary countries."
-- Spark's Notes Study Guide.
I know what you're saying ... "Blah-blah-blah.  Come to the freaking point."


I was trying to decide who today was in Swift's class as a satirist, and my hands down winner is Scott Ott (Scrapple Face).  You may have your own.  But wait!  A worthy contender is today's "Progressive, socialist, leftist, Marxist, communist, Democrat ... etc. etc. (they change identities more often than  Colored people do).Where was I?  Right.  Today's Liberals are so cockamamie, that they lampoon themselves nearly every time they defend one of their own policies.  Like this.

“If a baby is born alive following a failed abortion and then dies (because of lack of care), you could potentially be charged with murder,” said Shantala Vadeyar, a consultant obstetrician at South Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust, who led the study.

Imagine that.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
You live in Maryland, right?

I did up until about three years ago. I had a friend -- who I MIGHT be able to get in contact with through a network of other friends -- whose older brother, some time in the mid-eighties, was a law student. One of the things he researched for a paper was what it would take to legally have a duel in a certain Maryland jurisdiction (Either Montgomery or Prince Georges County, I'm fairly certain). He found it WAS legal, but the red tape would take about a year to cut through.

If you want, I might be able to contact him for you.

David A. Tatum


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