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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

With our Spanish speaking population booming, as a result of illegal entry, I'm wondering how long before every American  history text book devotes chapters to famous Mexicans during our American Revolution, and the our War between the States?  Maybe a beaner who made tacos for General Cornwallis, and gave him a bad case of the squirts? And,of course, we'll want an obligatory Mexican Womyn Studies departments at our universities.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
You know the way the history revisionists handle things when they're not outright lying? They create squid history: Shoot so much ink into the water, it's impossible to distinquish the truth.

My maternal grandfather immigrated from Spain (somewhat like the Spanish settlers and catholic priests). One big difference between his family and today's "Hispanic" illegals....they did so legally.

As an adult, he refused to pass on the Spanish language to his children because they were Americans. And Americans speak English. True story! joyce

Rodge, you're in Maryland, the North Eastern States couldn't even begin to comprehend what bullshit it is down here. I'm in Montana-No Fruit to pick, there's no mexicans. But if you live in Oregon, Washington, Colorado (not to mention California, Arizona, and Texas) You really know...You have to speak spanish to order food from McDonalds, and there are more spanish speakers at the DMV than there are English speakers.

You can change your maybe to a yes-sir.

Have you heard of MEchA? MEchA is a radical hispanic student organization whose main goal is to return California, New Mexico and Texas to Mexico. Violence is one of the their acceptable tools in accomplishing their goal.

Surprisingly, first and second generation immigrant students are not interested in MEchA. It is the third generation students radicalized by our school systems that are joining MEchA.

You know what else, Josh? Our kids had a difficult time finding jobs in high school because they didn't speak Hmong or Spanish (CA). joyce

I'm 15, and me and my family are moving to Redding California next year. I should probably get a job in one of the few remaining English speaking states left, before I have to leave the country again...*Sigh*

Josh, we lived in Redding for 7 yrs (left for Merced in 1995). At that time, Redding was a "white boy capital of CA." A hmong pop was growing, but it still wasn't req'd to need a second language to find work. Hope it's still the same for you. (p.s. our son attended Shasta H.S.) Best of Luck to you, joyce

The directionwe're heading children will be taught about that great victory at the Alamo.

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