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Monday, October 03, 2005

What about the bathing suit competition?
Harriet Miers
     "Picked after advice from 80 senators ..."  Harriet Miers?  That's problematic. I can get support for  Fidel Castro from 61 senators.  Just now a reporter clicked off other justices who went the SCOTUS without prior court experience ... Hugo Black, and Earl Warren. 
     More to the point, women sent to the Supreme Court ought to be hot.  Yes, Sandy O'Connor  was considered hot.  Once, Redskins running back John Riggins crawled under a banquet table and said "Open up Sandy," or something. Remember?  A reason Ruth Buzzy Ginsberg is despised  is her cranky  ugliness. Another thing, you want conservatives sent to the court to be young enough to serve for 60-70 years. I'm sorry, but Ms. Miers looks like she's got 10, max.
     Janice Rogers Brown, we hardly knew ye.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Okay, just a hopeful thought. What if Bush put up Miers, knowing she'll raise a hell storm and crash. Next candidate, Janice Rogers Brown. Demorats will have to step in it again, bashing a woman and a black. Like I said...just hoping.(make that praying) joyce

joyce, we have no guarantee of a storm over Miers, but we would if it were Judge Brown. So what. Some things are worth fighting for, and we are in a fight for our nation's survival.

I'm FURIOUS at Bush for ducking a fight. If Democrats suggested Miers, then it's a compromise with them, and I'm at the "no quarter" stage on this war on Leftism. When will Bush learn that trying to make nice with the Left is like trying to make nice with a cornered rattlesnake? Both will bite you for sure.

The Left needs to be slapped in the face and beaten and stomped at every opportunity until they and all their followers acknowledge that they lost, dammit. After letting the Left try their theory for seventy years here and eighty-five years worldwide at a terrible cost, we need to stop their godless amoral, lying socialism from further insinuating its rot into our culture.

Miers may turn out to be a fine Justice, or maybe not, but we cannot take a chance on that. Bush let slip an opportunity to bitch slap the Left again, letting them know they are losers and allowing the public to see which party really is mean spirited in the public forum of confirmation.

The Supreme Court is the guardian of who we are as a nation, and needs to be populated by people who believe what the Founders said, who see the Constitution as the Bedrock, not a pile of sand to be moved around to suit. Bush missed an opportunity to safeguard our Republic by both openly delivering a blow to the Left and appointing a rock solid known Constitutionalist.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

yes, disappointed...

not certain what is up... very strange.

Bush appears to have dropped the ball on this one.

we shall see...

understanding in the Washington swamp, how a close trusted aid would be desired, but not seeing the point here at all.

boy michael

Lt.Gen, I agree w/every word you typed . Honestly. But like I wrote "hope and pray." Why? Because as you are aware,Bush refuses to respond to the Left as the utterly souless group they are. It is MHO that today's Dems are the communist party I used to hide from under my desk during air-raid siren drills (grade school).

The weakness of Bush and the Republican majority to stand up and steamroll the Dems, and defend our constitution (supreme court) is another reason I have stopped writing checks in their support. Sincerely, joyce

Harry Reid has already declared his delight over Miers. That could be because Reid is more afraid of recrimination from PFAW than what new justice's actually do, and Miers saves him from leading the suicide bombing against an Edith Jones, or Janice Rogers Brown. Or, that he knows stuff we don't. Here is a truth, however, whatever makes today's congressioanl democrats happy is bad for America. You can solder that.

I like your thing about serving 60 some years...when the news came at 5:30 this morning, I was laying in bed, shaking my head, saying the exact same thing. Someone younger, someone hot. I'm sorry, but if I have to see a woman on the court, I wanna be happy about picturing her without that clingy black robe on. I'm still picturing's just not nearly as hot...

The things I do to make myself laugh...

joyce, I wasn't diagreeing with you, but grousing about the Reps and Bush tiptoeing around the Dems feelings.

I'm hoping and praying too that Miers will be another Thomas or Scalia in philosophy. Unless there is some enormous skeleton in her closet, there is no way she will be denied confirmation.

I'm hoping and praying too that Bush's strategy is to put up someone that, as Rodger pointed out, will save Reid and Co. from falling on their swords over a Judge Brown, and then later, Justice Miers can shove their swords where it hurts.

BTW, no need to use that formal Lt.Gen. stuff, we're all on Schlong the Magnificent's staff and go by first names; my name is dick and the Lt. Gen. is a promotion Rodger gave me a while back for some B-52 work involving beer I think.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Harriet Miers -- pro, part 3

Hecht says about Miers' judicial philosophy: "She's an orginalist -- that's the way she takes the Bible," and that's her approach to the Constitution as well -- "Originalist -- it means what it says." He notes that her legal practice involved writing contracts rather than tort law, so she was always looking at the plain meaning of the words: "Originalist." He also says she's not a social butterfly who will be swayed by Washington dinner table conversation: "She goes to the dinners she's supposed to go to. She's not on the social circuit."

Posted by Olasky on Oct 3, 05 08:22 AM :

Harriet Miers -- pro, part 2
Miers has been a member of Valley View Christian Church in Dallas for 25 years, where Hecht has been an elder. He calls it a "conservative evangelical church... in the vernacular, fundamentalist, but the media have used that word to tar us." He says she was on the missions committee for ten years, taught children in Sunday School, made coffee, brought donuts: "Nothing she's asked to do in church is beneath her." On abortion, choosing his words carefully for an on-the-record statement, he says "her personal views are consistent with that of evangelical Christians... You can tell a lot about her from her decade of service in a conservative church."

Posted by Olasky on Oct 3, 05 08:23 AM

The reality is, it looks like Dubya just dogged the left again.

More Bush-style cronyism.


� "This decision had the advantage of being acceptable to conservatives, plus Democrats won't be able to attack him. There is nothing to grab a hold of, to whack him on." � An administration official

� "Virtually every conservative who knows him trusts him and thinks he's a competent guy." � Newt Gingrich

� "(He) has voiced opposition to many forms of abortion. He dislikes affirmative-action programs, contending that they amount to reverse discrimination. Also, he has vigorously defended ... the Lord's Prayer in its public schools." � Los Angeles Times

� "He is a remarkable intellect and he's had great experience and he's had wide knowledge, and you all would enjoy an evening or more with him." � C. Boyden Gray

� "This guy is a complete S.O.B. of a conservative and you can't prove it." � P.J. O'Rourke

� "When you look at the man's record, his experience, his integrity and his ability to deal with tough questions of law in a way that the courts should, in a restrained way, not to attempt to legislate from the bench, I think he's a man in tune with the times." � Dick Thornburgh

� "His view is: 'Here's what it says state government can do � and if it doesn't say it can do it, then it can't do it.'" � Lawyer who argued cases before the nominee

� "(He) seems to be a judicial conservative, what we call a constitutional constructionist. ... That's satisfactory with us, if that's true." � National Right to Life's John Willke

� "He is a 'stealth nominee.' ... The right's not yelling; the left is trying to yell but can't find much to yell about." � Bob Beckel

� "This is a home run." � President Bush's chief of staff

.... He is David Hackett Souter

Rodger, come now man, when has Bush EVER backed down from a fight? He's not being a pussy, he knows something we don't. Bush loves a fight, and we all know it, and if he thought there was someone better, they'd be up there. We can guess, second guess, and on and on, but it wont do us any good. Just look at what Bush has done, and look at what he's doing now. I'll bet this turns out better than we'd thought.

I don't know everything, but I do know pussy

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