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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Today's "World Ends, women and minorities suffer most" Award.

Population Loss Alters Louisiana Politics

A New York Times Analysis

"Having dislodged more than a million people in southern Louisiana alone, Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita are also likely to alter the state's political landscape, ... reducing the domination of New Orleans over the State Legislature and increasing the influence of suburban and rural areas."
Say it ...
With a low-wage economy and consistently poor educational performance, Louisiana was losing population even before the hurricanes.
Say it ...
"The result is direct," said Mr. [Elliot] Stonecipher, who was formerly an assistant superintendent with the state Department of Education. "With the loss of population there will be a matching loss of revenue. You pick it. Look at education, whether it be Title IX or special education. This will be devastating." (huh?)
Say it ...
Within 48 hours after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, Baton Rouge became Louisiana's largest city, doubling to about 800,000 residents. Local officials are now trying to get a population survey up and running to seek federal aid. (well of course)
Say it ...
If evacuees from the Ninth Ward in New Orleans - a reliable bloc of 30,000 black voters that is traditionally easy to mobilize - choose suburban or rural areas over their urban roots in coming years, it could be a political blow to Democrats ...
Say it ...
"It would give a whole lot of a stronger foothold to Republicans in the Legislature and statewide," Mr. Fletcher said. "Louisiana has always been a swing state, a purple state that's both blue and red. You take the Ninth Ward out of that equation and you get a real shot of Republicans winning statewide office."
Okay, I'll say it ....
Buh-Bye Sen. Mary Landrieu.  No more poll defying, last second miracle wins for you.  Buh-Bye Black plantation democrats.  Welcome to America, Louisiana.  We're happy to have you join us.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Now we know why Mayor Naggins, etc. kept using the 10,000 dead number. They were counting on those votes. The votes of the dead that is. It's harder to check on 10,000 names than it is 900.

Great one, Jack! ha

My question is this, Rodger, will the displaced population continue to vote democratic in their new home states?? God knows we don't need more Dems in CA. joyce

The Times article sees a problem even if they stay in Louisiana, but are not clumped together in an easily manipulatable district.

I don't care what the MSM says. Black people in Louisiana are very angry that the Democrat Mayor and the Democrat Governor deserted them.

These blacks could sit home on election day or even vote Republican.

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