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Saturday, October 01, 2005

A shattering experience
I opened the cupboard to retrieve Mr. Cup, who has been with me for 30 years, and he fell to an untimely end. It was, to say the least, a shattering experience. I cannot drink coffee out of anything else.  Well, not and enjoy it as much.  Plus, Mr. Cup held like 10 gallons of coffee, not the prissy 12 ounces the fake, so called, big cups handle.

Yes, I've done a search for Staffordshire Fine Bone China cups, and they all come up with tea cups, and such.  Even substituting "mug" failed to produce a Mr. Cup sibling.  Somewhere out there, one of you will know about this stuff, and can send me in the right direction.  Help, I'm dying here.
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Check out ebay auction 7185635753 for Staffordshire Bull Terrier mug. (It's Norfolk china, not Staffordshire, but that means nothing to me). It looks pretty damn big, and it's got a doggie on it, which I think is pretty neat.

Thanks JohnO .. I had looked at that, but my heart did not beat faster

This ain't it, but you won't break this 21oz cup.

Naw, there is an aesthetic to bone china that I like ... the very thin lip, feel, etc. I once left it in the hell hole (my garage, and lost track of it for a year. It's called the hell hole because I'm unable to find space to walk, so I just throw stuff beck in. That cup didn't have a chip on it when I uncovered it.

Have you seen this link. The photo looks to be much like yours. Maybe it's a start to finding a replacement:

I assume youmean this?

Yes, the bottom mark is the most current, but only tells me mune was made after 1930. Whew! Can you imagine if I discovered my cup was a collectors piece worth $8 billion ? Holy crap.

At there is quite a list of Staffordshire china. Patterns of dish sets. I didn't see one for Shamrock or Crown but they have pictures of each pattern. And what is availible. Maybe it was time to get something different.

Actually, I meant the link I sent due to the photo at the bottom of the page, somewhat, resembling your favoured mug; but I did review the base marks first.
More importantly though, was an email contact at bottome of page,Steve Birks, UK. Anyway, I, too, checked out and nothing resembled your "precious."
You know how it is, Rodger, you never know how many people are willing to help until you ask. :) (everyone would like to be a hero) joyce
p.s. So sorry for your loss... :(

You guys here are ALL my heroes. Thanks.

WTF is that sissy looking thing?
This a blog of euroweenies or what?


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