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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Response to UN Euro Monkeys

Obscured by the nomination of Harriet Miers for the Supreme Court… obscured by news of hurricanes, floods, fires, charges of racism based on out-of-context statements… obscured by indictments by a political hack prosecutor — is a huge fight brewing on the international stage.

U.S. State Department officials were taken off-guard at the World Summit on the Information Society, a UN meeting in Geneva. Suddenly, out of the blue, our European Union “allies” joined forces with a bunch of third world countries — demanding that we, the United States of America, give up control of the Internet. The EU announced a “new cooperation model” to replace the U.S.-based Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They want an international system controlled by the UN. A lot of countries are mad that America “got on the Internet first,” and “gobbled up most of the available addresses,” leaving developing nations with leftovers. Negotiators from other countries say no single country ought to be the “ultimate authority” over such a vital part of the global economy.

Well, wait a minute. Who invented the Internet? No, not Algore. It was the U.S. military. America grew the Internet and now we’re asked to give it up to the UN because third-world nations — most of whose residents don’t even have phones — think it’s unfair? And the EU joins them? Well, guess what. Not going to happen; that server request has been denied. You want an Internet controlled by the UN? Go build your own in some third world country and see how far you get and call it what you want. - Rush Limbaugh
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The US told the EU and the UN to go to hell. We are not giving up the internet

"A lot of countries are mad that America �got on the Internet first,� and �gobbled up most of the available addresses,� leaving developing nations with leftovers".

Here is a left-wing solution. There are now 67,000,000 web sites in existence. Everyone gives up their web address and reapplies to the UN for their domain name.

Within 20 years, every one of the 67,000,000 web sites will be up and running again.

Let's all sing a hymn in four-part harmony for the EU and the UN:


bass - C "Hymn"
baritone - E "Hymn"
tenor - G "Hymn"
tenor - C "Hymn"

All together now:


Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Wow, Rush is right on the ball.

I think I posted that same thing on here a week ago.


China, Iran, and Syria shoved all of the commercial NGOs completely out of the room when they cooked up this bullshit.

The EU does not really want China and the third world to run the internet ... they now full well that if they ntry to branch off, the US, The Commonwealth, and non-China dominated Asia will NOT follow them.

The EU is just posturing to please the Chinese and the Islamacists.

Ignore these fools.

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