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Monday, October 17, 2005

Red China space program "flucked."
Amid the jubilation in China, over the success of its manned space program, there is fear.  We have learned that Chinese officials have discovered the Nintendo Easter Egg. Details are murky, but it seems a low level employee, in the Clinton Commerce Department, became alarmed after discovering that the Administration was giving the Chinese access to rocket technology, particularly guidance software, in return for cash transfers to the Clinton-Gore reelection campaign.  The employee, a "geek" who had previously developed the popular ground breaking video game, Space Invaders, in the 1970's, implemented a 'tweak."  He was somehow able to update a hidden aspect of the game, called an Easter Egg, that allowed anyone who owned the game classic to shoot down actual Chinese space vehicles.  The Easter Egg is accessed my pushing all the Nintendo control buttons 13 times, in rapid succession, within 2 seconds of  startup. 

I'm pretty sure this is true.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
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This article below made me smile Rodge...

Due to an apparent breakdown in vetting procedures, the Clintons and their aides were unaware that, in the 1970s and 1980s, Paul was convicted of three federal felonies, including drug and fraud charges. Those facts emerged in the press a few days after the gala, causing embarrassment to Mrs. Clinton's campaign.

The disclosure apparently led to a federal investigation. In 2003, Mrs. Clinton's national finance director, David Rosen, was indicted on charges that he understated the costs of the August 2000 gala, which took place on a 112-acre estate in the Brentwood hills. In May, Mr. Rosen was acquitted of all charges following a three-week trial in federal court in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Clinton was not called to testify at Mr. Rosen's trial and has never publicly offered a detailed account of her involvement with the gala or Paul. The lawyer who represented Paul at Friday's hearing, Gary Kreep, said Mrs. Clinton's lawyers want to stymie the lawsuit in order to spare her the awkwardness of having to give a deposition in the case as her re-election campaign gears up.

Mrs. Clinton's appeal relates to a failed attempt her lawyers made last year to have Paul's lawsuit against the senator and her campaign committee thrown out under California's so-called anti-Slapp law, which takes its name from the phrase "strategic lawsuits against public participation." In September 2004, Judge Aurelio Munoz denied Mrs. Clinton's request, ruling that her attorneys did not comply with certain deadlines in the law.

boy michael

You know, I'd love to bitch out the Clintons, but I actually wanna talk about this...I had a friend that could hack these games...the older ones, to do whatever he wanted. You could play space wars and use Clintons had as a shield...awesomeness in a can.

Ha, I have so many ideas for video action games ... wish I knew how.

Half Man...Half God...He was Misunderestimated...His reputation was tarnished...

"Clinton's a good man."

...His life, nearly ended...

"Uh...choked on a pretzel."

...He was found out...

"George Bush hates black people"

Fall, 2006. The President, in what promises to be the most thrilling action game of our time; Bush.Is.


4th quarter/06

Great Video Game blog, thanks for letting me post a message. Great Job with your blog.

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I was surfing around and found another George Bush site.George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People This place has a ton of funny videos and mp3s.

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