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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Her Filthiness in Concert
Those attending class yesterday heard Professor Limbo's lecture, "Hillary Cozies Up to Black Caucus Kooks."  

Even amongst this vile group of liars and America haters (Harry Belafonte was a guest speaker), Hillary managed to stand out with two utterly ridiculous pusstulations ...

HILLARY: "There is a concerted effort to make it even harder for poor people and non-English-speaking people and elderly people to vote in this country." [Howls and cheering]
Her Filthiness is here referring to the findings of a commission chaired by James Baker and Jimmy Carter, in response to Democratic screeching that voting irregularities handed G.W. Bush the White House --.  or, from the other perspective, allowed  John Kerry to even make it close ...  ahem ...  where we at? ... oh, right, "commission chaired by ...  Jimmy Carter". that recommended "photo IDs for all voters!" 

That's Hillary's "concerted effort to make it harder" to vote.
HILLARY: "This needs to be a high priority for everybody here today, to make it absolutely clear we are not going back on voting rights. We are going to continue to go forward on voting rights, and we are not going to let a state like Georgia pass a law that is going to cost people 20, 25, $30 to get a different kind of ID that can only be gotten at a few places in the state, and if you don't have it you can't vote. That is a modern form of voter suppression and a poll tax that we have got to be against.  "
I read details two weeks ago about the Georgia plan.   It will cost nothing, and where necessary voting officials will come to you, take your picture, and give you a card. No charge.   If I read this, then so did Hillary, which makes her a race-baiting liar, and more ...
PROF LIMBO: Why in the world oppose this? What logic could possibly explain opposing this?  ... It's going to make fraud much, much harder. That's the only reason I can think of. ... they're afraid that this is going to stop the fraud on the Democrat side of things.
Mark my words.  When picture IDs become mandatory, you will witness a balls out, hysterical campaign by democrats to institute on-line, or by mail voting.  I guarantee it.  Without fraud, it's my guess that Democrats would have at minimum 25% fewer elected officials at all levels of gummint.  Your mileage may vary.

Now, for Hillary's second bitch-slap worthy announcement.
PROF LIMBO: But I'm not through with Mrs. Clinton yet. .... She announced that she's going to vote against John Roberts for chief justice. And one of the primary reasons was she said his answers were too vague. Does anybody remember... (Playing of Hillary Clinton "I don't remember" spoof.) Hillary, "I don't recall" in front of the grand jury. "I don't remember. I really don't recall," and yet John Roberts was too vague! Please, folks, join me, and don't be afraid of this woman. She puts her pants on one leg at a time like every other guy.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Of course the Demo's are concerned about photo ID's. It is impossible to take a picture of a ghost.

Will they use autopsy photos?
The prof needs to fear hillary though, she rolls her own tampons.

Seriously though, a national database for voter registration, and the fems, err I mean dems loose everything but Chicago, and a few small parts of LA.

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