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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

At war with a parallel universe
Snatched off
LIMBO: Max Mayfield was on CBS' Slay the Nation with Bob Schieffer yesterday. He's the director of the National Hurricane Center, and Schieffer said, "Do all these hurricanes, so many of them this year, and this is more than we normally see [sic], does it have anything to do with what we're doing here on earth? In other words, does this have something to do with global warming?"

 MAYFIELD: Bob, hurricanes, and especially major hurricanes, are cyclical. We'll have a few decades of really active hurricanes, and then inactive periods followed by active periods again, and one of the best correlations we have is with the sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic. If I can show this graph behind me here, this shows major hurricanes. We had a lot of major hurricanes in the fifties and sixties, not nearly as many in the seventies, eighties, and early nineties, and then in 1995, they really picked up again here as have the sea surface temperatures in the Atlantic. So, I think that this activity that we're in can be explained without invoking global warming and the bad news here is we are in this active period and the research meteorologists tell us it may last another ten or 20 years. --Max Mayfield Shouts: It's Not Global Warming!
Mayfield has made about 1000 television appearances and made the same statement.  Rush notes that "All of the hurricane meteorologists experts have been saying this."  And, asks "Anybody want to make a bet that the mainstream press will still quote the experts far more loudly who say it is global warming?"

As for the Algores and Barbra Streisands (who recently issued BS ALERT #756 - "We are in a global warming emergency state, and these storms are going to become more frequent, more intense.")  Rush correctly notes that "Most people's historical perspective begins with the day they were born."
Barbra Streisand [was interviewed] by Diane Sawyer here on all this, but Diane Sawyer "did not remind Streisand that a Category 5 hurricane struck the Bahamas with 160 mph winds -- when the singer was five years old, in 1947! And when Streisand was 8 years old, a Cat 5 hurricane -- named 'Dog' -- packing 185 mph churned-away in the Atlantic.

"When she was 9, a Cat 5 storm named 'Easy' ripped the seas with 160 mph sustained winds. Streisand was 13 years old when 'Janet' hit Mexico with 150 mph winds. Streisand was celebrating her sweet sixteen as 'Cleo' formed with 140 mph. At 18, Streisand read news about 'Donna' AND 'Ethel' -- both storms carried 140 mph winds and formed 9 days apart in 1960! One year later, when Streisand was 19, it happened again: Two Category 5 storms scared the world: 'Carla' and 'Hattie!' 'Carla' maxed out at 175 mph winds the year Streisand made her television debut on 'The Jack Paar Show.' And who could forget Hurricane 'Camille' -- which smashed into the United States with 190 mph, just as 'Funny Girl' garners eight Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture and one for Barbra as Best Actress. Up next on the weather warning watch, Streisand says to ABC: 'There could be more droughts, dust bowls. You know, it's amazing to hear these facts.'" She goes on Good Morning America or wherever she appears with Diane Sawyer or anybody else, nobody counters her lunacy and idiocy with facts. But the historical record on hurricanes is clear, and Max Mayfield is doing his best to shout it from the mountaintops.  [Audio]

The media does not want to hear it.
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