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Monday, August 29, 2005

16 inchers San Francisco hates
Recent attempts by historians to explain Franklin Roosevelt's  constitutional excess go something like this.  During the depression the nation was in real danger of succumbing to the international communist movement, and by turning the nation slightly socialist Roosevelt  avoided the greater threat.  Like I said, this notion is of recent vintage, and I'm tempted to file it with other convenient, but demonstrably false revelations -- like Ike's affair with Kay Summersby, or  Jefferson's supposed dalliance with Sally Hemings that served to mitigate (the left figured) Bill Clinton's moral bankruptcy. 

Anyway, there is one reason I am prone to accept the Roosevelt story  If Democrats of the era saw a threat, and the choice was to stand and fight, or make concessions and surrender ... .  You know. 

Okay, cheap shot, that.  Today's democrats, absolutely, but we all know that Roosevelt democrats went balls out to to crush Hitler's  Nazis in the only war in American history that the left does not find fault with.  It's also the only war in history where success meant saving Marxist Communism.  Which makes San Francisco's decision to ban the permanent berthing of the USS IOWA all the more curious. Here's San Francisco Supervisor Chris Daly, who voted against the resolution to acquire the Iowa: 
"I am sad to say I am not proud of the history of the United States of America since the 1940s."
Lisa Fabrizio [A City of Infamy] finds it odd as well, since
... we know what Mr. Daly really means. He means he's not proud of the U.S. military's history during and after the Cold War when, thanks to the indomitable spirit of her fighting men and women and the determination of a few Commanders in Chief, millions of human beings were delivered from the bondage of communism and totalitarianism.
Okay, but still Ms. Fabrizio fails to solve the cipher of San Francisco's sudden turnabout. Just a few years ago city fathers eagerly sought the ship. This letter writer, I think, sums up the Left Coast mindset that is responsible.
"The days of military glorification and addiction are over. We need hopeful symbols, not more war toys. We didn't want the Mighty Mo (USS Missouri) home-ported here way back when, and we don't want it now, even as a relic."
I said earlier, and still feel,  that it was fear that an Iowa ghost crew, made up of thousands of veterans past, would man her guns once more and erase this national canker sore  in clouds of smoke.  Hoooooooooo-ahhhhhhh.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
The land of whispering bushes also conveniently forgets that FDR sealed the fate of Eastern Europe in the delerious conference at Yalta when FDR in Churchill's presence agreed to let Stalin take over those countries at the close of WWII. Where the hell is that promised earthquake anyway?

I keep hoping a hostile gunboat (al Qaeda, N Korea, whomever) cruises into one of theose 'military free, nuclear free' ports like San Fransicko or Olympia and shells them until their magazines are empty, then cruises off unmolested into the sunset. The good part comes when the limp-wristed pinkos scream for help and they are reminded that the military won't break their laws.

Not very realistic I know, but just as believeable as the pap that Hollywood puts out, dontcha think?

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

The left didn't object to WWII becuase that fight was in solidarity with Stalin.

They had a similar stink to the Iowa being placed there on perminate dry dock for sevral stupid anti-war reasons. Even though it was shown that the ship the Japanese surrenderd on would instantly add 300,000 tourist a year on of the selectmen there opposed it because he "opposed the war in Iraq." Another one opposed it because the military's "discrimination against gay people." Morons.

SF is a floating turd bowl leftist crap.

" They had a similar stink to the Iowa being placed there ..."

I'm lost. This story is about the IOWA??

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