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Monday, July 11, 2005

Old hat
I read Richard Klein's book (Truth/Hillary), and am frankly dumbfounded at the vitriol that fairly oozes from his rhetoric about Hillykins and her enablers ... like Harold Ickes, whom Klein all but labels a crook (which he likely is). I'm not dumbfounded about any of the revelations, of which there are precious few if you've been paying attention over the yeas, but because his New York Times, and TIME magazine credentials led me expect something a bit tamer, and exculpatory  . I am still not totally convinced that this book wasn't written for the sole purpose of getting dirt on the table now, so that during the '08 campaign Hillary can use her "That's old hat" defense. Anyway, one of the actual new things in Klein's book was the story about Clinton claiming that Chelsea Clinton was the result of his raping Hillary. This guy Ron Scott Smith is a zero, but I offer him ["When chips are down, they play the Clinton card"] up as an example of how the left handles bad news ... they blame a conservative. Losers.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
The Clintons attract society's maggots just like week-old soggy KFC does in your garbage can. For example:

"Ickes is said to have "represented many labor unions over the years. Some of those unions -- the Laborers, Local 100 of the Hotel and Restaurant Employees Union in New York, Teamsters Local 239 in New York, and the District Council of Carpenters in New York -- have extensive ties to organized crime, according to federal prosecutors. In fact, Ickes's ties to corrupt unions were so extensive that the White House deemed it impossible to nominate him for a job that required Senate confirmation and placed him instead in the position of deputy chief of staff."

That's in the book as well ///

Yeah, typical Clinton behavior. His ties to organized crime make him ineligible to be a mid-level bureaucrat but he is exceptionally qualified to be Hillary's closest advisor while she was in the White House.


gotta say it -- there was NO rape/conception claim in the book *I* read. There was a crude statement by Bill [su-prize su-prize] There was a messy hotel room report. There was a *claim* by BIll that there was a conception that night. No rape. No proof. All reading between the lines.

...just sayin'

Which makes your "getting it out early" concept all the more compelling -- to *me*...

"Ickes" is right along side Eeewwww. Never get a confirmation from me with that handle. Yannow something offensive must be under that rock.

And I do believe that early outing, if it is that, of the closet skeletons is wise, given the results of Agnew, Nixon, and numerous representatives' and senators' efforts over the years to sweep the dirt under the rug.

Klein's effort and responses to it sound like a Liberal converted to the Right, but with the Clintons in New York and their shady history, one has to wonder about a hidden agenda.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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