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Sunday, July 10, 2005

KFC Crap
This is going to be a job for  Dynamite Monkey, and I'll tell you why. We're moving Hucker's bachelor stuff out of the house, and into his new married place, so all the worker boys (and girls) were getting hungry, and the vote was for KFC. Okay, I volunteered.

If you were fortunate to taste the Colonel's chicken back when he was peddling it to restaurants himself, as I was, you know what it's supposed to taste like. Hands down, the best chicken anywhere. I have never ... NEVER! had anything remotely near that quality from out of a KFC, store. One of the problems is so elementary that I can't believe that, in nearly 50 years, it hasn't been solved. If you put hot crispy chicken into an enclosed container, the stream turns the crust soggy. Duh. So, today I ordered "Crispy," which still suffers on the way home, but not as much. Didn't matter, the girl gave me "Regular" crust any way.

They used to have 21 pieces, now the largest is 16 pieces for $.20.00, or $32 if you want the dinner ( mashed taters, cole slaw, and biscuits). We only wanted the cole slaw (the best there is, IMO) so I ordered two sides at $2.95 each for "large." You see what I had in the bag when I got home. Little-bitty 1 ounce containers. I am not going back and complain. Instead, I have connected Dynamite Monkey's detonator wires, and the next time someone at the zoo pisses him off, KA-BLOWWWY!. There goes that KFC. In my cyber head, anyway, which is what counts.
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Gayle Miller
Oh, Rodger! You've been kept in the dark lo these many years!

Popeye's is the place to go, unless you can find a Church's lurking in your area--they used to be all over the DC metro area but seem to have vanished.

Popeye's spicy is the way to go, with red bean 'n rice or "Cajun rice" as a side.

But Church's really knew how to wield the black pepper! And they were among the few places you could get really good fried livers or gizzards, if you were so inclined.

I agree with everything you say about KFC.

I recently went in there for three things (and only three things)
1. Chicken breasts
2 Mashed potatoes
3 Cole slaw.

I could not order just that. I walked out empty handed. The Colonel has to be spinning in his grave.

I agree with you re: Popeyes, but ... my wife HATES Peopeyes, and says it contains too mucg MSG, so that is that.

KFC raises their chickens without beaks and crammed into filthy cages. They live like that till you eat them.
But I'm sure all the antibiotics really help them stay alive long enough so you can get your dose of overmedication and chicken shit as well.


I certainly don't want to eat chickens that walk around on DIRT and eat BUGS. Plus the antibiotics in chickens keeps me disease free.

Stupid chickens ... stuff kids today don't know is how much fun it is to pull their headfs off, and then watch them run around like chickens with their heads cut off. LOL

KFC went downhill the day after it was bought by Pepsi, just like Pizza Hut. They used to be 2 of my faves, but I haven't been in to either one in about a decade. Taco Bell is the only Pepsi-owned franchise that hasn't suffered, probably because you can't do anything worse to their food.

My wife got us KFC at the Edgewater store last night. Ditto, soggy. As an added bonus, after I finished my meal, in one of those platters divided into compartments, under the chicken I found one of those plastic things that keep bread bags closed. I guess I should have choked on it and sued them. Also, the wife said that they didn't have any bags to put the food in. They just handed it to her in pieces.

Yeah, should have gone to Popeyes but except for coleslaw, which I'm suspicious of from any of these places, they don't sell anything remotely green.

Those of you who are worried about MSG and anibiotics can add this to your list of worries, Popeyes cooks in animal fat. Best onion rings anywhere.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, animal fat. That's why we eat Grandma Utz's potato chips.

yes, but the little tails on the fried pieces are so convenient -- just like handles! And the ears are tender, too

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