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Monday, July 11, 2005

Dousing, then Delousing
"Zarqawi's message exhorted his terrorists to greater effort, because, Zarqawi said, it is very clear that America was being defeated in Iraq. Zarqawi's proof? His message said that the proof that America is losing is that some American congressmen are saying just that."

Jed Babbin  ["Deadly Tolerance"] splashes some cold water this morning after looking at how the Brits are reacting since their mini-9/11 last week.
"The surprising element in this was [Tory MP] Redwood's reflexive hope that there would be no backlash against the Muslim community. Redwood, who is one of the best thinkers on the Tory side, said it almost in passing. His sentiment is rightly placed. But it masks a real problem that we and Britain face. No one should want to oppress any minority. No one -- here or in Britain -- wants to say that all Muslims are responsible for the acts of the terrorists. That's fine, as far as it goes. But we have to go much farther.

"It matters not whether the terrorists are Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or American Indian snake dancers. It is sufficient that they are an identifiable group dedicated to the destruction of our freedom. Religion is a factor in this war only to the extent that it helps us identify and defeat the enemy. "
Babbin cites a British study showing that up to 1% -- some 16,000 British Muslims -- are actively engaged in terrorist activity in Britain and abroad., and "up to 3,000 British-born or British-based people have passed through bin Laden's terrorist training camps." We have potential for the same problem here in the USA, and the same lack of political will to deal with it. From the inner sanctum of the Schlong Institute of Hand Grenade Diplomacy here's a distressing, and very possible, scenario.
  1. There is no possible way to placate Islamic radicals who are on a mission from god. If you think there is, get the hell out of the way and let us try to save your sorry ass with our own.
  2. We have a bunch of committed Muslims here, even though they may be a wee, tiny minority
  3. As we infiltrate our homeboy Muslim community, and identify the threats, we must eliminate them. I advocate throwing them down a volcano, but we won't do that. Instead,. we'll deport some, jail others.
  4. Those actions will radicalize some fence sitting Muslims, and they'll have to be neutralized.
  5. And so on, until this [shhhhh] sub rosa war on Islam becomes policy ...
  6. Which open war will be triggered by some horrible act of terror (that will no doubt spare Zarqawi's pals Durbin and Kennedy) ..
  7. ... but will turn the rest of us into frenzied mau-maus seeking revenge ...
  8. Oye
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
From each mosque: 12 appropriately duck taped terrorist cell members handed over to US military personnel by Thursday at noon. Weekly.

Mosques failing to meet their quota will have all members deported by noon Friday.

If they don't have the sense of duty/patriotism to do it on their own,will that really help? Hell, I don't know what would. In the final analysis, I say -- find your local multiculturalist and throw him/her down a well, just for vengeance.

I talked with an American born, Turkish Muslim over the weekend. He is furious that fanatics have hijacked his religion and use it to destroy. He said he loves this country and it's freedoms and would never do anything to hurt it.

I opined that if the Moderate Muslims do not step up and force the fanatics out of their group, they will be faced with extinction. I pointed out that in WWII, the US outlawed Shintoism in Japan after they surrendered. I said; "We've outlawed a religion before. If we suffer losses, we may outlaw another again."

I know that he didn't like hearing that, but maybe it is a message that needs to be spread. Maybe if they are faced with losing their religion, they will move to defend it.

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