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" I don't think I've ever met a Liberal whom I didn't like on a personal basis. That said, if your goal is to change minds and influence people, it's probably not a good idea to begin by asserting that virtually all elected Democrats are liars. But what the hell."
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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Bush is a nazi (laughter) Bush is bad (howls of laughter) Bush is a heroin addict (stop, you're killing me ...) - Today's humorists
Last night on Comedy Central Darrell Hammond, the guy who made his bones doing brilliant impersonations of Bill Clinton on Saturday Night Live, was shown doing his stand-up routine.  Much of it was Hammond doing Slick, but in this post Clinton era a comic needs to diversify.  I'm doing this from memory, but it's substantially accurate ...
" ... and Newt Gingrich?  I mean, what a liar that man was, absolutely incapable of telling the truth.  Remember when he said "We can't have women in the military because they have those 'ragina' things that are always bleeding ...  his attitude was 'hey .. what can you do to me?  I'm the Speaker and say anything I want  ...."
WTF?  No I don't remember anything even close to that.   My ears pricked at the words "Newt Gingrich ...  liar," because I also don't remember that charge being levied against him by liberals.  "Heartless," yes.  "Mean spirited," yes.  But, "Liar?"  Uh-uh.  In the first place, while Clinton was president, a liberal calling anyone a liar was like Ted Kennedy accusing someone of being a drunk.  The comparison was to be avoided.  And the women in the military thing?  Where did that come from? What was Hammond thinking? 

I don't get how "comedians,"  (Will Durst is an exemplar)  make a living with shtick that has no foundation in fact, but depends instead on tapping into a reservoir of audience hatred.? Makes me want to kill them.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Good point about the dearth of funny stuff coming from 'comedians' these days; but I'm surprised you would take exception to the statement that Newt gingrich is a liar.

If 'A' equals 'B' and 'B' equals 'C' then 'A' equals 'C'.

All politicians are liars. Newt Gingrich is a politician. Ergo, Newt Gingrich is a liar.

To further your argument, we are all of us liars (".. no really, I'll still respect you in the morning."), not just politicians. Oui? My point, perhaps poorly made, is it's okay to lampoon anybody, but there has to be a well know factual basis behind it, or it's just not funny. Hammond's premise in this instance was manufactured, so the comedy must fall flat on its merit.

It's true that we are all liars to one degree or another. The thing about politicians is that the lie is their stock in trade, a part of their job description if you will.

Your point about a well known factual basis being necessary for humor to work is not exactly accurate. There has to be some relation to the truth for humor to work but I'd say that merely a plausible factual basis is necessary.

Shyster to Witness: "When you saw Ted Kennedy on the ground in obvious distress why didn't you help him."

Witness: "I thought he was just raping a puppy."

Not factual and not (very) plausible but I still LOL'd when I came up with this example.

But your point about Hammond's routine having no relation to the truth is well taken.

Here is what really pisses me off. I've always liked SNL even though I rarely stay up that late on a Saturday night. I used to love to catch those highlights shows on Comedy central, etc.
Well, every now and then I'm up past my bedtime on a Saturday night and think I'd enjoy a few laughs. It generally takes less than 10 minutes before I'm yelling at those f%^k**g morons on the screen and have awakened my husband and kids.

So they've taken something that used to be a treat for me and now it just pisses me off.
Now I understand why Elvis would shoot out his TV sometimes.

Actually, there was an incident when Newt was in office when he made some comments about women in the military, and how biological realities made that difficult. It was a big deal at the time.

Funny how just in the last few weeks, I've heard the left wing screaming about how women shouldn't be in the combat zone. Weird how things change when you're in a different position. Gingrich made the statement that (paraphrase) "Men are like little piggies, they're used to rolling around in the mud". This is A fact: while I was in the Army 1990-1997, the females had to constantly be rotated into the garrison area to shower/clean up. Bad things happen when women can't shower for periods of time (correct me if I'm wrong, that's just my understanding). They had special privileges when-ever they said "It's a female thing" (no-one on earth is going to question shit once that claim is levied) Men were left to stink and rot in the field but we didn't really care. It's a fact.

It's a fact that there was sniping about EVERYTHING Newt said, but the chick deal never, as I recall, made it big enough that it would warrant inclusion into a comedy act? /// unless the audience was hard core leftist sewer dwellers.

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