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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Rats against rat traps
Our idiot (Democratic) Maryland  legislators created law a few years ago requiring that all new hand guns  include two spent cartridges that would be filed with the Policia.  That way, when a law abiding citizen shot a convenience store owner rather than pay for his Slurpee, the spent cartridge would provide a forensic fingerprint link back to the gun's owner.  What the legislators did not do, and the reason I get to call them idiots, is to also pass a law requiring perps using a revolver to remove the empty casings and throw them on the floor.  Since Maryland was the only state having such a law, it had the effect of shutting down gun sales until manufacturers could comply, which I suspect was the actual reason to begin with.

Last week the California girly-men who run the state went us one better.  Senate Bill 357, passed on a bare-majority, 21-14 vote that split along party lines, with Democrats in support (duh) will require a serial number etched onto each piece of ammo ["Bill to equip ammo with serial numbers passes state Senate"].  They too assume that all handgun crimes involve semi-auto pistols (that eject a cartridge). 

Of course this is bizarre, and my guess is the measure is nothing more than a means to increase the cost of ammunition, and harass gun owners.  There is also the problem of  stockpiled ammo ( if I lived in California, I would have crates of it in my cellar).  But wait ...
"Sen. Joseph Dunn, a Garden Grove Democrat who introduced the bill ...  said he is working with law enforcement groups to resolve concerns about how to treat a massive existing inventory, possession of unmarked ammunition in homes and an exemption sought for shooting ranges."
Gee, what are the possibilities ... ? 
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Gayle Miller
I always told my dad (who was a US Sniper and a gun dealer), that when they got serious about getting rid of guns, they'd go after the ammo. The 2A doesn't say anything about the ammo....

The first indication I had that this was a tactic came while Hillary was pushing her Health Care grab back in 1993. Chucky Schumer (I think) asked Hillary if she didn't think that adding a $1 per bullet tax on bullets wouldn't be a good way to pay for gun shot care. Her filthiness replied with, "You know, I never thought of that..."

Actually, Rodge, they've got two things going on once and I think you got your wires crossed.

The '357' bill, IIRC, is supposed to put the marking right on the bullet itself. Ya know, the lead thing that comes out the naughty end.

There's also ANOTHER bill with some traction that forces gun makers to put a serial number on the breech face of the weapon so that in a semi-auto you'd end up with spent casings with a serial number on it.

With the 357 bill you'be be required to show ID and have your name recorded with the purchase of the ammo so the state can figure out who bought what serial numbered cartridges.

The idea is simple: Stop any new guns from coming into CA and stop any ammo from coming into CA.

Well Justin, you may be right. It's hard to tell from this very poorly written article ...

"SACRAMENTO � A novel proposal to etch identifying serial numbers on handgun ammunition sold in California narrowly passed the Senate yesterday, although supporters conceded the legislation remains a work in progress.

"The measure, Senate Bill 357, passed on a bare-majority, 21-14 vote that split along party lines, with Democrats in support."

No matter what combination you come up with, my response is the same. Fuck you you fucking fuckers.!

Rodg said: Sen. Joseph Dunn, a ...Democrat who introduced the bill ....
Gee, what are the possibilities?

Well, just for starters take that SOB out back and beat him with a hammer. Then he can figure out how to register and license hammers and leave the gunners alone.

In fact, after seeing what a botch-up some do-it-yourselfers make of projects, I think you oughta have a permit to buy and carry a hammer, but you should be able to walk into a hardware store and buy a gun. That would solve a lot of problems.


IIRC from when I first the draft of the bill, there was a clause in it about grandfathering in existing ammo for only a period of two or three years, after which getting caught with non-serialized ammunition put you in major doo-doo.

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