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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More Kerry warmed over
I was frankly surprised a few weeks ago when I read that Kerry had finally authorized the release of his full, unredacted, military records, because of my absolute certainty that he cannot survive them politically.  For instance, there is ample reason to believe that the reason Kerry's medals were reissued, circa 1980,  was because they had at one point been voided.  The only way that could have happened, to my knowledge, was if he had received a dishonorable discharge from the Navy.  Anyway, today we find out he is still playing the Clinton game of word shuffle, and has NOT authorized the full release of his records.  At the very least we can say he is a liar.  I know.  We already have said that.  Here ... an excerpt from the Prowler.

 "But redirecting media and the public away from his full file appears to have been Kerry's plan all along, because he submitted his SF-180 to the wrong entity.

"It doesn't make sense that he is going through the Navy," says Jones. "Applying through the Navy gives this scenario the appearance of a personnel shuffle. Kerry said he applied to the Navy and the Boston Globe said they received his record from the Navy and that makes no sense when the relevant records are at the National Personnel Record Center, a part of the National Archives. By going through the Navy Kerry makes it appear that he is using the Navy to screen his file; he added a layer of bureaucracy when all he needed to do was sign an authorization allowing a third party to look at his record at the NPRC."

"What is the difference between the Navy and the NPRC?

"The Navy, which created the documents to begin with, is legally obligated to protect the privacy of the veteran. If, as many conspiracy theorists have posited, negative material was expunged from Kerry's file, the Navy could most likely only include the final version of a document.

"For example, if an individual were to have a received a less than honorable discharge, but then gained a full, honorable discharge some years later, only the honorable discharge order might appear in the Navy file, while both discharges might appear in the individual's file at the NPRC in St. Louis, Mo." - Reporting for Duty
By The Prowler

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