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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I spent my life on Earth, and didn't even get the tee-shirt
"Three years ago, on Watergate's 30th anniversary, an ABC News poll found that two-thirds of Americans couldn't explain what the scandal was, and no one was racing to enlighten them this time around. Vanity Fair may have taken the trouble to remind us that Watergate was a web of crime yielding the convictions and guilty pleas of more than 30 White House and Nixon campaign officials, but few others did. Watergate has gone back to being the "third-rate burglary" of Nixon administration spin. It is once again being covered up." -  Frank "last name the opposite of poor"

This new poll, which indicates that more people recognize Rush Limbaugh -- and Bill O'Reilly! -- as journalists than Bob Woodward is orgasmical!  Guys like Frank Rich (above quote), whose entire adult life has been spent trying to duplicate  one accomplishment in life, getting Nixon to resign, are getting their first whiff of what lies ahead.  First, death.  Then, one day after the eulogy, nada.  Although, as future historians with no ax to grind begin to deconstruct the entire era, they will be lumped into the nameless horde whose body of work is described as  "that shameful era in journalism." Trust me.  Not that anybody will care about the details of Watergate, hell we don't even know what it is today!  But here's the beauty.  While your names, Frank Rich, and friends,  will never be invoked again,  Rush Limbaugh's will preserved in historical Lucite.  Bwahhhhh!
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
The unveiling of Deep Throat is what makes growing older wonderful. We were there, we lived the news, we get to enjoy the full circle come around! Ain't life grand?

Thank you.

If Rush was once thought to be rude, he's both a gentleman and a scholar by today's standards.

Let the snobs bash him as they will, but pay attention to Rush. He's one of the sharpest analysts around nowadays, consistently ahead of the MSM.

You say it well: "While your names, Frank Rich, and friends, will never be invoked again, Rush Limbaugh's will preserved in historical Lucite."

Full speed ahead!

#1 Why use the same "fat Rush" type of pic the MSM always does.

#2 What's with all the shoe-cam pix on the other site? Not that I mind...

All Hail TerpsBoy!

That's my cousin Bonzo's site. We hate him.

Long Live Bonzo!!

All Hail to Bonzo!!

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