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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Cali morons honor lesbian tree

Aircraft carrier Fourteen November being refitted in dry dock.

In Berkeley CA, ["In Berkeley school vote, Jefferson out"] students, parents and staff members voted 239 to 177 to change the name of Thomas Jefferson Elementary School to Sequoia Elementary School, further defining that line which separates ratbastardmofos in this country from normal Americans.
"The name Jefferson was there for all that time, now it's a different culture, different people," said Dora Dean Bradley, who worked on the name change and has a granddaughter at the school."
You know, what with Jefferson being a white oppressor slave owner, and Sequoia being a tree (or is it a lesbian squaw?), it wasn't really much of a contest for these fucktards. There are two good things to come of it though. When the Left Coast falls into the ocean, our grief over losing a bunch of good people in Orange County, and President Reagan's resting place, will be tempered by the knowledge that we are rid of these pus boils. The second thing is, I am finally fed up with progress on my B-52, and have purchased a new plane to carry my nukes to Vermont, California and Seattle. It comes with an aircraft carrier too! I think I'll name my bomber "The Berkeley Express II" My aircraft carrier will be christened "Fourteen November" in honor of Joseph McCarthy's birth date. Hooooooooahh!
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
Sequoia was a cherokee gentleman who invented their written language sometime in the 19th century. He valued education and would've been a decent enough name for a new school. Just count your blessings that it wasn't Che Guevera or arafat.

Not much of a take off run there rog...

Better stick with the B-52 old buddy...

Not everybody can be a naval aviator...

Looks like Rodge got's himself a fancy shmancy Convair...

I hope that pile of yellow stuff next to the house is the giant bungee cord for your cat shot.

Unless you're Jimmy Doolittle, ya gotta have a cat or a longer takeoff run.

After cranking the winch to stretch your bungee cord, you will be too tired for more than one sortie. The B-52 has a much bigger payload, so use it and do it all in one launch.

I'll make the sacrifice of taking Fourteen November up the bay and holding off the libs fleeing south from your northeast targets. Won't be many left if you use the'52 and one sortie from ole '14 oughta do it.


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