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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Them, again
This  Drudge headline is just a flashing siren away from his DefCom 5  alert.  WTF?  The story link is to an AP article "GOP Aides Say New Patriot Act Obliges Bush, " that fails to give a full explanation in favor of alarming the idle-minded.  Just a guess here, but reporter Mark Sherman is on the ACLU action alert e-mail list.  I'm not saying that anything the ACLU is against, I'm for (although you win 9 out of ten times with that logic), just that I'm suspicious about anything they push for.   Here's what the Wall Street Journal's editorialist says.

"Enter the ACLU. The civil liberties organization is so desperate to derail the Patriot Act that it has gone to the extreme of protesting the closed-door nature of the meeting, saying that "lawmakers are trying to keep legislation to reauthorize the Patriot Act secret." Oh, really? The reason the hearing is closed is because Senators "will discuss actual intelligence operations and how the Patriot Act applies to those operations," a spokesman says.

"The subject under discussion is the "administrative subpoena," which would allow the FBI to subpoena documents without first going to a judge in emergency situations involving national security. Congress long ago gave the FBI administrative subpoena power for cases involving narcotics, health-care fraud, child pornography, and a host of other areas in which fast action can make a difference. A party served with an administrative subpoena can challenge it in court if it believes it is unwarranted.

"As the ACLU surely knows, one of the reasons the FBI is asking for administrative subpoenas for terrorism cases is customer demand. Since 9/11, hotels, Internet service providers and other businesses have voluntarily cooperated when the FBI has asked for emergency information on terrorist suspects. But in this lawsuit-crazed age, they want the legal cover of being able to say they were complying with a subpoena; it's a way of protecting themselves against liability suits from organizations like the ACLU. Now there's a subject for a Congressional hearing.

Yeah, dammit, I'm sorry too that we live in times where we have to choose between letting the camel's nose slide under the tent, or risk sudden death via bad guys, but there you have it,  We are always obliged to exercise due vigilance where the government is concerned, and this will be no exception.  So, with hat in hand I say to the ACLU, Eat Me.
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