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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Today's premium content
Here's your dilemma  You're having a dinner party, and discover you have no pots  or pans to boil water in.  We've all been there, and it always means another spoiled evening.  I'm here to tell you that this needn't ever again be a source of embarrassment.  Here's why.

The physics of it are simple enough.  Paper cannot reach a combustible heat if it's wet.  Fill a paper cup with water,  and put it directly over an open flame (a roaring wood fire for maximum wow factor).  The paper may burn down to the water level, but it will soon boil.  So, run out to your car and collect some Starbuck's cups, and Voila!

Ask me how many campfire bets I've won with this trick?
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Gayle Miller
I'm sure Mother Superior appreciates all of this science that goes on in the Schwingggg household the most!

We don't tell her about it ... Shhhhh

I've used this one before as well. It's a great sucker bet.

Premium content? I must have my membership paid up because it appeared on my browser.

Jake ... you have a lifetime subscription, and the parking space next to the door.

I've folded a piece of paper stapled it and boiled water in it. Don't need a cup.

Somewhat related: A few years after buying a house with my brother, we decided to make spagetti. Except we had no pots or pans. Hundreds of dollars later, we had the necessary items.

I figure each plate of pasta cost me $80...

So, how many campfire bets have you won with this trick?

~ money.........Thanks!

Thats cool, Il haft show ya how to balance 12 nails on one.

This is one the Vikings knew about, they would suspend a leather bag filled with stew or soup over the fire - as long as it was wet on the inside, it cooked without burning the bag. Tripods and bags were found in both the Sutton-Hoo burials and the Oseberg ship.

I discovered this while left alone at camp when I was about 8 years old and hungry. Me and my little brother broke hot dogs in half and put them in a styrofoam cup full of water then put the cup in the campfire. It worked and we ate the cooked hot dogs. When the adults come back to camp they didn't believe us until we showed them.

I actually thought I discovered this trick. Sigh.

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