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Thursday, December 01, 2005

I'm tired of doing this. Sorry. Thanks.

If anybody knows how I can make some money doing what I do, I'm open to suggestions. If anybody wants to do a photoshop of themselves, or friends for personal use, I'll do that for free, because like doing it. If any of you have a family picture you'd like restored, I'll do that for you for free too, as time permits.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller

ruh roh rog.

I read you every day.

I'm not liking the sound of this.

Ahhhhhh crap Rodge, this is sounding like a shut down, fuck sakes....


Don't F with us, Schlong...

Don't do it old man.

you could apply for a job a CNN, AP, or even Reuters. They probably could use a talent like yourself.

I actually have a serious Photoshopping project that would mean a lot to me if you could do it. My wife and I had our picture taken with President Bush I but the photographer screwed it up. I am sure you can fix it but it won't be easy.

I will email you with details.


1. Put together one good post.

2. Shut down comp.

3. Find cane, put on jacket/hat/gloves to prevent accidents.

4. Take leisurely walk at scenic location. Mind the trip hazards.

5. Consider past indiscretions aimed at lesbian girl friends (not to be confused with LGF) along the way.

6. Come home and compose email apology. Lay it on thick.

7. Insert hearing aids. In ears. Turn them up and pay attention.

Ever, H

Sorry to hear this. Was it something I said? Good Luck.

Write a book. Blogs are a hot ticket item these days, and yours is the best out there. Write about blogs/blogging, or do a compilation - "Best of..." or something like that. Don't quit. We're at war, and this is important.

What are you saying?'re the first/last site I go to everyday!

sell out Rodger, get paid for selling out, becuase selling out rules.

Greatest Blog EVER...

boy michael

Rodger, Everyone needs vacation time. It clears out the clutter piling up in our souls.

I pray you'll receive a viable answer to your question.

p.s. don't forget "tip the kitty"

Uh-oh... the price of Scotch + Prozac must be goin up. I suggest using PS to make compromising pictures of RINOs and asshat donk politicians. Then, hold 'em for ransom under threat of releasing the pictures to the MSM. WTF not? You'd be killing 2 birds w/ 1 stone (so-to-speak).

A breather and a book.

Look, you even got Helen out from the shadows;)

In my youth I used to work at Harvey's Resort Hotel and Casino in South Lake Tahoe. That was a big tipping industry. And there were saying associated with it. My favorite will always be,

"Remember, A smile and a twenty dollar bill goes a lot farther than just a smile alone." joyce

Rodger, You have a gift of wisdom, insight and a wry turn of phrase that put your photoshopped pics and the attached captions into what, IMHO, are world class political and social commentary. You are to politics and human foibles what Scott Adams his Dilbert are to the office scene. He's making a very nice living at that.

If you can catch the eye of Glen Beck and get some of your work into his magazine Fusion (which needs more content like yours IMO)or some other national conservative publication or paid website, I think an outlet like that would serve you well creatively and reward you financially.

If the issue is financial, like the cost of your site, let us know what you need. If you are tired or becoming bored, then do what you must in the way of hiatus or retirement from blogging, but know that we'll really miss you. You are the best, and truly unique in blogdom. All the best, and Christmas blessings to you and yours.

Lt. Gen. Tailgunner dick

Thanks for all the great stuff. Hope the spirit moves you again.

Many read your blog everyday but, do not post. Please don't stop.


Rog, I second Tailgunner's comment.

We all need a break, it freshens us up. I took 2 years off from my art, came back energized and I'm now working on the most spectacular landing window you've ever seen. So if you must, stop for a while. If you find that you don't miss it, well than, you were right to stop.

I'd like to say that I would really miss you. This site is my favorite. You are spot on so often and your skill with PS is amazing.

I'll hit your tip jar and if I had an address, I'd send you some of my favorite cigars. Nothing like a good smoke to mull something over.

Dude --

It is what it is ..

You have probably already given consideration to blogads, but just in case:

You could think of it as stickin' it to the man.

Will be contacting you separately with a photo-shop job request.

Best, Mark

Hope tomorrow is a better day, Rog.

-another that refreshes 10x a day hoping for another jewel from the mind of Rog.


I'm really shocked. I think that some of the things you've done over the last few days have been the best, highest-impact stuff you've done.
Hope you hang in there. I hit your site at least 5 times per day.


Count me as another who enjoys your work several times a day. I always know you're gonna hit me with something, I just never know which direction it's gonna come from ... that's the joy of coming here. Sounds like lots of us appreciate you, guess we shoulda said so more often.

from drudge:

If you quit blogging, then the terrorists will have won. So keep at it, for a free America.

I read your page every day.
Often enough you post some really really funny stuff. You also dissapoint me as like your comment on the soccer players...screams 'BIGOT'. Your blanket hatred of sociall empathy makes me point out to my children why we should be greatful to live in America. Freedom of speech and religion. You sure exercise your rights, and for that I will continue to read your pious bullshit. This has nothing to do with being a 'Democrat' but everything about being democratic. Don't let 'us' make you give up. Maybe it's April fools day and I wasn't paying attention? Remember were all in it together. Don't quit dude.

No you just can't stop. You see you do this the best, better then anyone. NO one has a blog like yours and no one ever will! It is written in the secret, very secret book of rules!!!

my favorite musician (stevie ray vaugh) is gone...

my favorite writer (edward abbey) is gone...

my favorite photographer (brett weston) is gone...

my favorite president (ronald reagan) is gone...

if my favorite blogger decides his time is done...

so be it...


I enjoy your work.

I hope you enjoy whatever it is that you are going to to do fill up your spare time.

Personally, I think it would be great if you put together a multimedia presentation of how to use PhotoShop. You are great at it and the software kicks the heck out of me. Make it a tutorial that I can download and I'll buy it from you.

Are you gonna continue Expelled?
I love that site too. :)

Hey, you tried this once before! This is the only blog I make sure I never miss. Take a break if you must but if you disapear, I'll be crushed.

Roger, you know we love you. Some of us have been around long enough to have seen this before. In any case, you have a creative gift that must have an outlet. Let us know what you need to ease the pain.


As your counsel, I advise you not to stop

Yeah Rodge...come on...I must check this site 30 times a day, we're all addicted...Take a break, but hey, come back...check in...If you're burnt out, yeah, then it's good to drop out for a while, but you better be back...we'll all miss you man.

I've always liked your work here, Rodger. If you need to take a break, you're certainly entitled. If you're packing up shop for good, then I'll miss C&S but I'll wish you the best of luck. Unfortunately, I don't have much in the way of suggestions for making money doing this.

Although... if you were to produce a Why We Win coffee-table book, I'd certainly buy a copy...

As your unofficial physicican, I advise you not to quit doing this. It would be harnful to MY health. Wishing you the best, and hoping you understand I check this site at least 10 times a day,
Dr. Bruce

Rodger, when I discovered your blog about a year ago, it rapidly became my favorite. I can always count on you for a good belly-laugh or two and some good words to ponder. Its good for my soul.

I hold all bloggers in awe because I can see the enormous and continous effort that goes into making a good one. Add the fact that it almost never garners adequate remuneration and I can see why so many burn out.

You need to go do something fun for a while and I wouldn't blame you if the thought of returning to this drudgery becomes abhorrent to you.

Perhaps I could offer an alternative. Consider starting a message board. You seem to already have a good bunch of like minded followers who would join and contribute. You would basically do the same as you have always done but there would be no pressure to produce. The others would keep each other entertained whenever you needed a break. It would be very social, like having guests in your house and you could have a lot of fun kicking the occasional asshole out. Think about it.

I think your whole problem is with this

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