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Sunday, October 16, 2005

On returning from morning Mass.
If  I, real quick, had to list two groups I'd like to throw down a roaring volcano hole, they would be Louis Farrakhan's gaggle of  mostly Black nincompoops, and neo-Nazis.  Both groups held permits to assemble yesterday, Black Morons in the nation's capitol, the  Nazis in Toledo. 

After watching the parade of communists, socialists and professional haters that comprised 100% of the Black Islamo speakers in D.C. yesterday, I wanted to roll.  I really, really wanted to roll.  I kept my B-52 in the garage, however.  That's what Americans do. 

The Black punkage who rioted in Ohio, because Nazis were granted a permit to demonstrate against Black gang crime [O irony], seemed not to understand the principle of free speech. Go figure. Was the white gang  taking advantage of the law to do an "in-your-face?"  Of course. It's what anti-war protesters do every weekend.  It's what the Morons were doing on the Mall. I don't know what the time frame was, but if the Toledo gang had been watching the Million Moron March on C-Span, maybe they were incited  by the non-stop hate rhetoric directed at the United States.  Not an excuse. 

I'll tell you something else.  The anger directed at President  Bush, by conservatives, is due to a real desire, make that burning need,  for confrontation.  Run the ball right at the Democrat obstructionists in Congress.  Nominate someone with the judicial philosophy of Ann Coulter to the SCOTUS.  Invoke the nuclear option at the first sign of a filibuster. Veto everything.  Secure our borders.  If that means using Apache helicopters, and M-1 tanks, then do it.  Were freaking tired of watching rule breakers rule, and we want to smell some cordite.

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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
I don't *think* W is refusing to do confrontation cuz he's chicken... Which leaves me wondering whatinhell he's thinking.

Herr Schlong,

I think you've correctly stated in the past that the reason that Bush is wimping out on the SCOTUS is that Senate Republicans are pussies. They won't allow a good candidate to pass and won't stop the Dwimmocratic pricks.

Matt S.


Hell, it's about time SOMEONE proposed the Almighty Godess as a SCOTUS appointee. The LDFT's (Lib-Dem Fuck-Tard) would go APE-SHIT if Dubya appointed her (she IS a lawyer, BTW).
As far as the BUF's go (Big Ugly Fuckers in Air Force terms) it's about time they had a farewell tour. I originally sugested carpet bombing of Iran/Iraq. However, I could be persuaded for the Mall during the Million Moron march.

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