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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Our Blast from the Past - July 12, 2003

It's time for hard ball by both sides

Make my day Donks

One of· the major pot stirrers on the Iraq-Niger nuke story ["Bush Knew"]was Capitol Hill Blue. In fact , Doug Thompson broke the story that was picked up by the international press, and is now a Donk spear.· Read this to see how he was "conned big-time," in his words.· So, who was floating all this bad "intel" around?· Maybe this January 2003 analysis, also by Doug, will shed some light.· Here's an excerpt:

"Democrats plan to undermine public confidence in President George W. Bush by challenging his credibility and raising doubts about America, sources within the party tell Capitol Hill Blue.

"A multi-pronged attack against Republicans and the President will focus not only on economic issues, but question American values, raise doubts about how this country is viewed by other nations and question the patriotism of Bush and his party.

"The extensive campaign, developed by senior Democratic consultants and party leaders, was launched last week with attacks on the Bush economic plan by Democratic presidential hopeful Rep. Richard Gephardt.

"In coming weeks, Democratic elected officials will question the President’s intentions on the pending war with Iraq. Writers and broadcasters friendly to the Democratic cause have already been provided talking points suggesting the war is about oil, not terrorism. “The talking points were developed before the end of last year and sent out to operatives and friendly media,” one Democratic consultant confided. “No Democratic member of Congress will question the President’s patriotism openly but we will use the media and other surrogates to raise doubts.”· [Continued]

······ But Rodge," you will say, "how can you cite the same source as a purveyor of a lie, and a bellwether in the same breath?"· First, make sure you've read Doug's apologia; second, I've been reading Capitol Hill Blue for several years, and it's way more reliable than the New York Times.· Here's my proposal for a Bush action· He should tell congressional Democrats that he will resign immediately if they can supply unimpeachable proof that he manufactured evidence to justify war against Iraq.· Failing that, those members will agree to commit suicide forthwith, and rid the nation of this pestilence that must tear the nation apart eventually.· The president can deputize people to make sure they follow through.

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