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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Doctor, what do you suggest I do with my rabid dog?

Sean Hannity on "The View"
John Leo [Stories Not Told] sort of rocked me back on my heels with this revelation ..

Amnesty International's report [charged] torture in U.S. detainment camps. The group didn't just call Guantanamo a "gulag," ... In a press release that most reporters ignored, the group also invited foreign governments to snatch certain visiting American officials off the streets and bring them to trial for crimes against humanity. The suggested snatchees, should they travel abroad, were President Bush, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, former CIA Director George Tenet, and other unnamed civilian and military officials. Amnesty International said that "all states have a responsibility to investigate and prosecute people responsible for these crimes," just as the British pounced on Augusto Pinochet in London in 1998.

Rosie O'Donnel let's one rip on the View
Rosie O'Donnel shows her reaction to a Condoleezza Rice candidacy.
Yesterday Sean Hannity guested on ABC's  "The View." Barbra Streisand on steroids (Rosie O'Donnel) launched into Bush, demanding that he be tried as a war criminal in the Hague for invading a sovereign nation without the UN's approval,  and for torturing prisoners.  You can watch the segment here, hosted by a site called "Crooks & Liars" (us).  On the same site you can read this:
"I see that Drudge has now launched what promises to be a full-scale war against Howard Dean, making Dean into the devil incarnate."
No, just a rabid dog who has just about everyone in the Democratic party pulling hair out with beauties like "The GOP is  the party of white Christians."  I do know the recommended  course of action for animals infected by rabies, but would opt in this instance to let Dean keep running with the pack, infecting them with vile hatred.  Sooner or later they will all die from the disease. Rosie too.   But back to Leo (put down the slab of ribs Rosie, and pay attention).
Mainstream media have been reluctant, in all the coverage of treatment of detainees at Guantanamo, to mention that the al Qaeda training manual specifically instructs all of its agents to make false claims of torture. The New York Times seems to have mentioned the manual's torture reference only once, in a short report from Australia. Several other papers mentioned it as a one-line quote from a military spokesman who pointed it out. But until the Washington Times ran a front-page piece last week, a Nexis search could find no clear and pointed article in the U.S. press like the one by Alasdair Palmer in the London Sunday Telegraph, with the headline "This is al Qaeda Rule 18: 'You must claim you were tortured.'"

I'm trying to see an end game here that does not involve an actual civil war in this nation.  Someone help me.
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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
That's the end game I see too. Some days I wonder whether it'll be before the next election or after it.

It's definitely on it's way! Hope you guys are packing. (Heat, I mean)

I read the comments on that site.
I can't believe I actually risked my life to give ass bags like that freedom of speech.

Shove a koran up their ass and ship them to palestine!


It's the subject matter of several good novels I read a few years ago. The single one that comes to mind is "When the Almond Tree blossoms" (I think). Anyway, the asshats sure have it coming, and need it soon.

This is wearing me out, I have kids who'll have to deal with them if we don't now.

my .02


I always wonder how we got to this point, and it has to be when the Vietnam era gang of hippies and counter culturists hit the college classrooms as teachers. We are Balkanized.

yeah, here it is...

Author: David Aikman

Title: When the Almond tree blossoms

Go to amazon and read the back cover... they don't have a b-52, they have somethings even better!


wmprof --- thanks


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