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Monday, June 06, 2005

Character Counts
"Mr. Bolton ... was trying to convince people that there are weapons of mass destruction in Syria, at a time when there was no evidence of that."  - Sen. Chris Dodd D-CT
Besotted Democratic Senators Kennedy and Dodd enjoy a quick waitress sammich at their favorite watering hole, La Brasserie.

Over the weekend the insane titular head of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, offered that the nation is a lot safer when a Democrat is in the White House.  At the same moment erstwhile Democratic VP nominee John Edwards was saying that "He's a voice. I don't agree with it"  Actually, the documented record shows that the Democratic party represents a greater risk to the United States than does al-Qaeda, but that's not what this is about.

The Wall Street Journal today has this juicy item. ...

"On Thursday, Samir Kassir, a prominent Lebanese newspaper columnist and long-time critic of Syria, was murdered in Beirut when a bomb exploded under the hood of his car. The following day, we learned that Syria had test-fired three missiles the previous week -- one Scud B, with a range of 190 miles, and two Scud Ds, with ranges of 400 miles. John Bolton - not a DemocratThe missiles, of North Korean design, are configured to carry chemical warheads, according to Israeli security sources; they can hit any target in Israel along with U.S. military installations in Turkey, Iraq and elsewhere in the region.

"There are several lessons here, but one of them is this: John Bolton was right.

"President Bush's nominee to be Ambassador to the U.N. has been assailed because he pushed U.S. intelligence services for evidence of Syrian work on weapons of mass destruction. As Senator Chris Dodd put it, Mr. Bolton "was trying to convince people that there are weapons of mass destruction in Syria, at a time when there was no evidence of that."

" We're glad somebody was on the Syrian case. A ballistic missile test is provocative enough, but missiles configured to carry chemical warheads are not the act of a country that wants to change along with the rest of the Middle East. The firing of the missiles -- the first such "test" in four years -- came just two days before Lebanon held its first round of parliamentary elections since Syrian troops quit the country in April. <snip>" - Bolton and Syria

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"I did not vote for Obama but he is remarkable. In less than three weeks in office he has collected more than $150,000 in back taxes."
Gayle Miller
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